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Image Prompt: A Perfect Pear

Art Title: A Perfect Pear © Kimberly Applegate - Joie de Vivre
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
And, her website: Kimberly Applegate
The artist lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and specializes in oil paintings.
Writing Prompt
After studying this image, create a character
and write a poem or a story based on this character.
Not that you aren't,
but try to get really creative with this.

Is it a man or a woman?
Young or old?
Single or married?
What type of quirks does this person have?
Any interesting skeletons in the closet?

You can find further information
regarding character development HERE.
Artwork used with permission from Kimberly Applegate.


glorv1 said...

I find that everytime I sit in this room, the green of the wall just mesmerizes me. The chair I sit in is cozy and I almost start to doze but I need to look at those luscious pears so that when I fall asleep,the memories of those pears will be real when I open my mouth and bite down on those pears.

Have a great weekend.

Dungha said...

excellent painting!

Meandering Michael said...

Little Kimmy Applegate
was sitting in her chair
when she saw a couple tasty fruits
that made her stop and stare
She looked into a mirror
and said to the person there
I know that I just met you, dear
But don't we make pear?

Tessa said...

A painting which tugs hard at the imagination. Lovely.

James Parker said...


Two Boscs, a chair, a peaceful pair.
What else you suppose, Is lurking there?

Behind the art, is a hidden vault,
A prying thief it's meant to halt.

The floorboard cracks, conceal a cent
For years to come, will stay unspent

But what's alarming, I might add
Is the 3 inch roach on the cushion pad

When Momma comes to sit a while,
You'll hear her screams for a country mile.

Renee said...

What a great picture. I actually would like to own the hair.

Yes the picture is very bittersweeet.

How was you day.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


More than a million and a half
claims of having
"a perfect pear" --

jellies and chutneys,
cocktails and chocolate-
covered fruits,

fashions and wedding favors,
boutiques, caterers
and upscale marketplaces.

An earring. Or two.
And the perfect female figure
for sitting in a plump chair

searching on a laptop
for the most perfect ever
pair of pears.


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