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Photo Prompt: Dove

Encaustic Photo Title: Dove © Shoshannah White Photography
Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Portland, Maine, and specializes
in fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Shoshannah White.


Sudharm Baxi said...

My goodness this thing is really catching up on me..

Check out 'Fly bird Fly' at

And really really beautiful photo!!
Keep the great work going on and on..

simoart said...

I love this photo, great work. I will come back and enjoy them.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Johnathan Livingston Seagull.

glorv1 said...

I love white doves. We used to raise doves, some were white and where kept in separate cages. I love releasing them to the sky, their souls being released. A white dove, I love.
Take care.

Pam said...

This photo is absolutely amazing. Here is the poem it inspired:


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Hi Pam: I'm glad that Shoshannah gave you consent to use the photo since you love it so much!

James Parker said...

La Paloma is what I'm called,in the cheery tongue of Spain
I brought The Ark good news
from the 40 days of rain

Hope and Understanding,
are what I represent
An olive branch I carry,
with Peace and Truth it's meant

Of all the things I'm known for,
my favorite is Love
But most people simply know me as
a snow-white graceful dove

Renee said...

Beautiful picture.

No commission necessary, I am great at giving things away that aren't mine. har har. xoxoxo

Sarah-Paige said...

Above tart ocean waters
the purest wings this side
of heaven carry a message
across the boundaries
of language and beliefs -
mountains and deserts.
The color of surrender
and harmony reflects
as it passes over
young and old -
rich and poor.
Children greet this world
with hands crossed
like desperate wings
battling against the storms
of nuclear powered politics,
but their voices won't remain
behind the tape for long;
soon they will march,
unified and dignified,
under a flag of rightful demands.

Meandering Michael said...

The eagles changed their plumage
to a new, dove-like disguise.
They cooed a tale of harder lives
in lands beyond the rise.

"We have our freedom. We are free,
But others are oppressed.
They should have what we have.
Do they not deserve the best?"

The beating started softly,
like the flutter of doves' wings.
"These people need their freedom,
not the tyranny of kings."

"And who will bring that freedom?
Well, it's up to you and me!"
And the dove wings beat much faster.
There were few to disagree.

Then the hawks, still robed in white
Gave warning to the nation:
"Tyrant King is poised to strike!
A terrible invasion!"

The wings were beating hard, like drums.
The nation donned red glasses:
"Remove their king," the nation cried,
"And liberate the masses!"

"The only way that we'll have peace
Is through preemptive strike!
Unleash the hawks! Unleash the hawks!
They'll see what freedom's like!"

The wings beat loud, the wings beat hard,
And during the attack,
The hawks and nation were reminded
Nations will fight back.

Slowly, as the war dragged on,
The nation got a sense
Of a simple truth the doves all knew:
Violence begets violence.

Anonymous said...

My Aunt used to tell me that all crows were doves once, they just got sooty from life's mechanisms. My aunt was bad at animal identification.

Donna said...

What a fantastic image - very spiritual!

Anonymous said...

(comment by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)

This sublime photo belongs with the verses that have been called "the finest lyrics written in our time" -- the section "Little Gidding" from "Four Quartets" by T.S. Eliot. That poem includes the line, "The dove descending breaks the air." I certainly can't match T.S. Eliot in doing justice to this breathtaking photograph.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you for the information, Therese. It is beautiful (the image and the poem you speak of)

For reference purposes, here is the poem in its entirety:

Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot

And, here is the 4th part you mentioned:


The dove descending breaks the air
With flame of incandescent terror
Of which the tongues declare
The one discharge from sin and error.
The only hope, or else despair
Lies in the choice of pyre of pyre—
To be redeemed from fire by fire.

Who then devised the torment? Love.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove.
We only live, only suspire
Consumed by either fire or fire.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading all the poems inspired by the photo. Always a good read on your blog.


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