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Image Prompt: Untitled

Untitled Artwork: Carol Carter
Visit her site to see additional artwork.
And, her blog Water Color Carol and Paintings Under $300
The artist lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and specializes in watercolor.

Artwork used with permission from Carol Carter.


Meandering Michael said...

A butterfly
may flutter by
whilst on its great migration

If Butterfly
alights, un-shy,
I flutter with elation

When Butterfly
takes to the sky
I'm left with admiration

If I could fly
like Butterfly
I'd flutter o'er creation

If I could fly
like Butterfly
I'd be an inspiration

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

what a fabulous blog you have here. It's just filled to the brim with wonderful images!!! Carol Carters work is beautiful and I will make sure I take a look at work on her blog as well. oh, my email address is thanks so very much for stopping by. It's really appreciated.

Philse said...

I love it. It has nice colors!

Thanks for sharing all these fantastic images,EPTAS.

Carol Carter said...

oh you make me look so good! i love it. thanks for stumbling on my work... and featuring it here. your blog is fabulous.. and i'm happy that we've become acquainted!! happy day.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Awake now in bed, I know that
I have alighted on this satin
from somewhere else, but where?
The dream I was just in
trails behind me like another life,
the short weeks of a Monarch butterfly
who sails many hundreds of miles
before breeding and dying.
The egg she lays must grow
and change five times before
a young pair of wings
flutters back to the homeland.
So many diminishings, so many reachings.
All in order to return to what's familiar. But each new waking,
how different it is. How strange this same lacy pillow.

Love For Life said...

What a beautiful painting. Very symbolic. Transformation. Regeneration. I'm not happy with my bodies transformation, but I must find beauty in it somehow:)

glorv1 said...

I think it is beautiful and so colorful. You might say she is thinkint:

Some day....If this keeps up, some day I may be able to fly.

glorv1 said...

Sorry for my mistake on "thinkint", it should be "thinking." I'm getting used to my new laptop and I just dislike the keys. Take care.

Sarah-Paige said...

Freckled skin is seen
between these fluttering wings,
the wonder in her glass green eyes
...a child's wonder...
dazzles this mid-June sun.
Monarchs have gathered,
becoming thick like thunder clouds
that have lost their way,
she speaks and a butterfly song
is carried in the whoosh
of passing dandelion seeds.
White blond hair in pigtail braids
whips about her head as she turns
in every direction at once,
a frenzied observation
of natural life.
Finally she is still, not a hint
of adult fear as they alight
on outstretched palms
and on the brim of a straw hat
...her grandfathers...
who watches this transaction
of life and learning
from a back porch swing, humming;

steal me away on your butterfly wings
take me to where the stars sing
take me away to candy mountains
and youth infused fountains

The girl's legs find the ability
to move once more setting her off
on a grounded flight across
this freshly mowed field,
its sweet smell
forever remembered
with every sight
of these delicate creatures.
Towards an another generations
open arms, her heart beating
in awe of the butterflies.

RachelW said...

Thank you for this one!


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