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Photo Prompt: Elephant Mother and Two Babies

Photo Title: Elephant Mother and Two Babies
© Nick Brandt Photography
Visit his site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Topanga, California, and specializes in
fine art photography of animals in the wild.
Some continue to believe that animals do not feel emotion;
that they are incapable of feeling pain or worry or even joy.
It has been observed time and again
that elephants mourn when a member of their
family or herd dies.
That they return to visit the body. Or, inspect and pass
around the bones of the dead. And, when a mother
loses her "baby," she will grieve for days,
and will even try to revive it.
Photo used with permission from Nick Brandt.


Sarah-Paige said...

Dust like a London blush surrounds,
it transports migrating creatures
to the face of far off mars,
where they war against grit laced
elements to reach
an elders memory,
an oasis sprung up
amid callous death.
Dark eyes set deep into miniature
grey bodies blink blindly as they
walk carefully behind
a steadfast mother, each cry heard
and replied to by a weary
trumpet of her own.
Deep beneath her determined flesh
she knows the value of each day,
the spite in every hour
as across these torrid planes
a herd becomes one creature;
connected in the physical
- trunk to tail, trunk to tail -
and connected in the spiritual
-tears to loss, tears to loss-

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Drawn up close...protecting from extinction...The elephant has become us

Philse said...


Shows that elephants are just like any other animal, and humankind... they care about their children. Yet some people hunt them for their tusks as a trophy.

I love the picture.

"An elephant never forgets" :)

glorv1 said...

I love the picture. Yes you are right about animals mourning. They do feel, they love, and they don't ask for anything in return but your love and of course a little food.
The picture reminds me of a poem I once wrote or at least the first 4 lines of it....

Go with me
Wherever I may go
About this country
I will show.

Take care. Thx for sharing.

WHY? said...

I had read that too. About elephants finding bones and smelling and holding onto them. It makes sense tht animals have the same feelings as we do. Look at dogs and cats.

Renee said...

Nothing I like better than disagreement. Although in the end I don't think we disagree too much.

If I download a picture now, I always ask the artist if I can use it, and I even place their name by the file when I save it. I'm learning. However, some pictures that are new if I get them off google or something I just take them if there is no name.

It is on the old pictures that the question comes up because like I said 99% I have no clue where they came from and I still use them.


Thanks for your comment. Love Renee

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thank you to everyone for sharing your writing and thoughts!

Sarah-Paige, beautiful poetry, as always!

Renee: I just love the fact that you "owned" up to it:) That you're mending the error of your previous ways(lol) And, that you posted my comment! Now, that's a class act!

P.S. For all others, please do not use the images here without asking the artists/photographers first. I had to, so you should too. Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Allowing your young to another woman.
Baby-herding in the bush. Lumbering away
to locate laden leaves. Nose lowering
to the ground, milking infrasound,
milking dichotomous knowledge of
rumbles:(paws or tires?) lion or poacher.
Long gone are mammoths, mastadons.
Adopting all that mourns, births.

tomy said...

beautiful is the bets word that describes this photo

Renee said...

kisses xxxx and hugs oooo

Love Renee

Philse said...

Let's all remember that ALL animals feel pain, they love, they have needs - just like we do!

Time to go vegetarian! ;-)

Meandering Michael said...

Mama doesn't like it much
when I get underfoot.
"Watch out, child!" and
"Go stand there!" and
"Do not move. Stay put!"

She often tells me what to
do. I think it's borne from fear.
I think she's scared she'll crush me,
but I know it's safer here.


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