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Image Prompt: Lighthouse

Art Title: Lighthouse © Leah Piken Kolidas
Creative Every Day
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
And, visit her sites at: Blue Tree Art Gallery
The artist lives near Boston, Massachusetts, and
specializes in mixed-media art.
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I stand as on some mighty eagle’s beak,
Eastward the sea absorbing, viewing,
(nothing but sea and sky,)
The tossing waves, the foam,
the ships in the distance,
The wild unrest, the snowy, curling caps --
that inbound urge and urge of waves,
Seeking the shores forever.
~Walt Whitman
Artwork used with permission from Leah Piken Kolidas.


Málaga said...

Thank you for visiting my blog... yours is great. Beautiful images.

Renee said...

Oh my goodness,what an amazing picture.

You have a great blog.

Have a great weekend. xooxo

Love Renee

Philse said...

Looks like the girl is waiting for her husband to return from the seas. And is that Santa Maria we see in the sky? ;-)

I love this!

WHY? said...

This image reminds me of my trips to sea as a little girl. I'd tag along with my best friend, Michelle, and her family. And, their three, hairy labs. (Then, three wet and hairy labs.) Michelle and I would walk near the shore and makeup stories of mermaids and lost sailors and such. Then either she or I would end up rescuing one of the sailors and fall madly in love! It never happened, of course. Sometimes, dreams are only dreams.

glorv1 said...

Ah, alone at last and it's just what I needed.
Why do I though, feel eyes on my back.

poetryaboutart said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Beware approaching any
woman on a rock
near the sea.

Wind streaming in her hair
may be sign
of next October's hurricane.

Her lantern may foretell
a lightning strike
or fire.

The granite she stands on
may hold a town's
memory of rockslide.

Entire families have died
inside their lighthouses,
bodies washed out to sea,

lying beside the bones
of sailors, pirates, traders.

Keep both eyes
closed. Be deaf to
her song of
masts cracking.

Of a tower
soon to crumble.

Meandering Michael said...

An interesting pic, especially with the image in the background. It provides a great opportunity for some allegory...

Guiding Light
I stand firm
Warning them of the dangers

I stand firm
Guiding them to safe harbour

I stand firm
In my beliefs
In darkness
And sunshine

I stand firm
In my beliefs
And will not move for
Tempest or hammering waves

For if I move
I will no longer be in a position
To warn them of the dangers
To guide them to safe harbour

And so
I stand firm
And the world passes by

I did it! I wrote one that doesn't rhyme! (You don't know how hard that is for me.)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

this is storybook ready. she is both beautiful and interesting

Sarah said...

Wow - now I understand you comments!! What a joy to see the work you have here!! With all the artist's info!!! Thank you!!! This painting is stunning!!! Sarah

Leah said...

Nancy, thank you so much for featuring my artwork here!! It's great fun to read written responses to it!

CLAY said...

That image is beautiful.Reminiscent of Columbia, the manifest guide. Brilliant.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow


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