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Photo Prompt: Untitled

Untitled Photo: © Ken Flett
Visit is site to see additional artwork. And, his blog: Shaping Stones
The artist (and photographer) lives in Port Alberni,
British Columbia, Canada, and specializes in mixed media
Besides your usual writing, try writing a love letter
(or a poem, even a haiku)
to yourself, a family member, a lover, or your
best friend (2 or 4 legged.)
Choose one specific quality about your beloved
(that includes you) to write about.
Photo used with permission from Ken Flett.


Renee said...

Your prompts are wonderful and you know I love the pictures.

Thank you, I do appreciate those positive thoughts coming my way.


Love Renee

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


When I was young
at Mass in my church
of the lost & forgotten,
I tapped, tapped
each one,
whispering their names.
"Holy" and "Ghost."
At twenty-two, I found
another broad pair
to cry upon when
the lover left. Today
I'm old. My shoulders,
aching, sore,
call to me
for healing.
What is needed now?
The finest
needles of a
doctor who knows
the oldest
ways. Chinese
for the places
of deepest pain.

Renee said...

Thanks for your sympaties and reminding me of what I said. I forget what I said half the time, until I feel it again. I needed to feel that again.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would write a love poem if I had tht talent, but a love letter I cn write-

To my dear Mother:

Though it's been over half a lifetime since I last saw your face and heard your confused words, and felt the pain of knowing you would never be healthy and whole. Though your cruel words still shape me, even today, I know you loved me in your own way. And, how does a person blame an innocent child for saying something cruel out of fear or anger. In the same way, I do not bear grudges. You were imprisoned by your demons, and you did your best. And, I miss you and love you.

Always, your daughter.

RachelW said...

I wanted to write something in response to this image, but it took me until now to find the words I was looking for. Thank you, N and Ken! This is a beautiful image.


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