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Image Prompt: Emotions

Art Title: Emotions VI © Adebanji Alade
Visit his blog to see additional artwork. And, his website:
The artist lives in Kent, London, United Kingdom, and specializes in
painting, illustration and photography, and also has a passion
for sketching people on the tube and train.

Artwork used with permission from Adebanji Alade.


dominique eichi said...

Oh LOrd, Thank you for my mommy and daddy, Please keeps us safe. Thank you for the food you give us and please can I have that puppy..... AMEN

Lisa said...

Blessed be to those who love me,
blessed be to those who care,
cast your loving light upon me
Blessed Be Divine Mother dear.

lisa xx

enigma said...

beautiful art and prayer. thanks for visiting me ^_^

and with this post i want to thank the Lord for the gift He has blessed me upon.

Sarah-Paige said...

To the Father above who is also here below, look on me with forgiveness, look on me with love that no one else can give.
I thank you as best I can from this unclean heart for every blessing you have bestowed upon me...from my every breath to a strangers smile in passing, and I ask that for those who do not have or who struggle, you would grant them eagle's wings to soar above their storms.
For every soul I ask peace and calm, strength and patience.
Glory to you alone dear Father.

WHY? said...

I pray for all mankind, for innocent children and animals everywhere. I pray for the poor and those who suffer unjustly. I pray for peace.

Renee said...

This picture is wonderful. I love little girls.

By the way I hear you on the wife department. I want one too and I don't even care of the gender. We can always be in a celibate relationship.

I almost followed your blog again and then cancelled quick because I am trying to be the 100th person.

Love Renee

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Please note that Renee is referring to someone else:)

Meandering Michael said...

Dear Lord
Give me
The Strength
To split this board with a two-handed karate chop



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