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Photo Prompt: Orange Bells

Photo Title: Orange Bells © Aline Smithson Photography
Visit her website to see additional photos. And, her blog Lenscratch
The photographer lives in Los Angeles, California, and specializes in
fine art photography.
Writing Prompt
Quickly jot down the first three words that come to mind when you look
at this photo and use them in your writing.
Photo used with permission from Aline Smithson.


Anonymous said...

The woman in this image seems bored; Her flowers are also in their most mature state--there's symbolism there, but my brain can't cut through it...brilliant Nancy dear! Your posts make my brain itch.

Meandering Michael said...

"Will he ever?"

Lisa said...

I need to know the answer
I can no longer go on with this pain
The time has come to ask of him
whether all he said was true
and if i am to be a part of his life.

Lisa x

WHY? said...

She looks upset about whatever she is contemplating. Perhaps her lover did not buy her the pearl earrings she longs for. Or, perhaps she is spoiled rotten and can not tolerate another day without a fancy party to attend. Whatever her issue, she is doing it beautifully:)

glorv1 said...

I'm supposed to sit here and wait for someone I don't even know. He's supposed to be wearing a green tie, but I haven't seen anyone come in with that color of tie. Whose idea was it anyway. I don't want to go on a blind date. Wait till I get my hands on Natalia. Oooooh!

That's what I see.:)Take care.

Margaret said...

Here I sit, elegant and waiting. For what?
How sad my heart feels.
Will I ever regain all that I have lost?

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Everything fades
to black
with the first death --

peachy blooms in a vase
bought by the boy
who now carries
a gun,

the brassy shine of the
he used to dance to,

the apricot flush on the face
of the flapper
he kissed,

the red paint of
her nails and lips.

Her once-bright orange
memory of

Renee said...


I got the 100th position.

Wahid is sensible, but his timing is off.

Love Renee


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