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Image Prompt: Envy

Art Title: Envy © Petra Voegtle Vyala Arts
Visit her website to see additional artwork.
And, her blog: Images and Imagination and Art and Interior
The artist lives in Munich and specializes in painting
(acrylic and silk painting) and wood carving.

Artwork used with permission from Petra Voegtle.


glorv1 said...

Oh I really like this art. Such detail and I definitely am envious of this work. Great work.

sudharm baxi said...

Envy or anger
Jealousy or hunger

Sorrow or disdain
Or some hidden pain!!

Whatever it may be
express clearly

or else go for the
face that is lively!!

Good painting!!

James Parker said...

Lindsay Lohan,
That silly twit
Goes strutting around.
Thinking she's "It"

I've got all she's got,
And more
So why aren't the guys
Beating down my door?

Stephen Dell'Aria said...
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Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Sometimes an image hits its title right on the head. This one definitely does that. What a perfect expression of envy. It makes me uneasy to look at it.

simoart said...

Great painting, love it, I can see the evil eye on him. Nice portrait.

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


From her kitchen table,
the stray grey cat balances
on top of the wide pine railing
of her deck, staring in-
side through the window,
his four white, patched feet
just returned from tracking mice
in the backyard thickets.
A wild run, but measured in
paws, by a limber body's stride.
He always wins, brings back
the warm, just-killed thing
as it is now, there between the
teeth. Chase, strike, platform
for his finish, & a silenced
mouth. How envious is her muse.

WHY? said...

Mmmm, I like that the truth is evident in her features. For the most part, humans are able to mask their true feelings and maintain a fake front. Beautiful people are thought to be "beautiful" but are filled with hatred, and in this case envy on the inside. But, there is no confusion as to what she is feeling. I say envy is a natural human trait, but such an ugly one when one becomes consumed with it!

Meandering Michael said...
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Meandering Michael said...

Esther McKay from the sticks
is jealous of Martha-Lou Hicks;
She's surrounded by beaus
(but what nobody knows
is that Martha-Lou Hicks' into chicks!)

Renee said...

Hey Nancy: I am so beat. You must be too, when you have to work all week.

This picture is so great because to me this woman looks like a miserable waste of space and I think envy would be like that too.

Love Renee

Tessa said...

Extraordinary depth and detail...and yes, a venomous envy portrayed.


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