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Image Prompt: Kitchen Sink Drama

Art Title: Kitchen Sink Drama © John Salmon - watercolourclub
Visit his blog to see additional artwork. And, his website HERE.
The artist lives in Edmonton, North London, and specializes in
"taming the watercolour medium".

Artwork used with permission from John Salmon.


maglomaniac said...


There is my mother
and there is my brother
I love my mother
and I love my brother

Brother now cries
mother please make some fries
Coz I am hungry
after hitting a sundry

You loved me so much
you hugged me with a wonderful touch
With my bit of things to munch
washing me keeping away the stench

But now only I love you
Coz he is the one whom you love
and now I only want you
coz he is the one whom you want

Now I will drench the cat
To make you listen
and I will shoot little brother
To make you know
That I too am hungry
of love like my brother

But I still love you
The way I love my brother
So I will shoot little brother
with my toy water shooter
I will drench the cat
with water in the pitcher

Mom please make some fries
coz I am hungry
like sweet little brother


James Parker said...

Harsha, your poem was very well done, and quite appropriate..Good job.


Strange days in the kitchen,
Is what came to mind,
When I first saw this picture,
The odd things I could find.

On the counter sits a bottle,
that contains a small man.
And Ma's holding a baby,
But where's her right hand?

The kid sticks his finger
In the teakettle's spout,
It couldn't be boiling,
Or you'd hear him cry out.

But what's most disturbing,
And makes this less fun,
If you look in his left hand,
He's holding a gun.

The artist that drew this,
I guess was just teasing.
But his marvelous watercolor
Scenery's more pleasing.

Catvibe said...

Great painting John! So funny. I have some very morbid lines in mind, I don't want to sully up Nancy's blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

pulverizer,spice grinder

glorv1 said...

I can't really do a rhyme or a poem about this wonderful painting. I can say that I love the old look of the kitchen and she looks a little past childbearing days and maybe that is why the little boy is pointing his finger and has a play gun in his hands. Or at least we think it is a play gun/water gun. She seems to not want to be bothered other than just holding the baby. He could be yelling at her to get up and make me food!!
Thanks Nancy for sharing. I enjoyed this painting. Take care.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

I strongly recommend you visit his blog. I did and it's terrific.

WHY? said...

The chaos in this scene is hysterical. Yet the woman's face is still calm. Or, perhaps, it's the calm before the storm?

maglomaniac said...

Thanks JAMES.
Your saying so has further charged me up.
and yes as you said

"But what's most disturbing,
And makes this less fun,
If you look in his left hand,
He's holding a gun."

I too found the gun quite disturbing.Thought to use it but at the same time the child's innocence came into my mind.
And yes combining artist's thoughts with a poem seemed quite innovative.


Meandering Michael said...

Mama Salmon's crazy, though
She didn't start that way
If you want to know what happened
Hear the tale I tell today...

Babe was yawning. Babe was stretching.
He had almost gone night-night
Then Hijinks Johnny tiptoed in and
Well, that boy ain't right

The kettle was a-steamin'
Johnny - who was kinda dumb-
Reached up and grabbed the kettle -
Had to see where clouds come from

The kettle, it was hot, which
would explain why it was steamin'
And when that fool-child burned his hand,
You know he started screamin'

I'd like to say in every way
That now our tale is done
But in Fool Johnny's other hand
Was Papa's big, black gun

And as he screamed
and screamed
and screamed
His finger pulled the trigger
Bullets fired and hit their mark
on Mama's housecat, Tigger.

I know these details frighten you.
I know they're rather gory, but
You're going to get some-scared some more
I'm not yet done the story

Poor Tigger howled and lept right up
On Mama's fresh-curled hair
And Mama shrieked and leapt ten feet
Or more from her ol' chair

All this happened faster than
your eyes can even blink!
While Mama flew high through the air
She dropped Babe in the sink

And though the tried to grab the Babe
Her efforts were in vain
The stopper in the sink let loose:
Babe got sucked down the drain.

So Mama might be crazy but
I think that they should Saint her
Hijinks Johhny grew up fine
Today he is a painter


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