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Photo Prompt: Angel Gabriel

Photo Title: Angel Gabriel © Cole Thompson Photography
Visit his site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Laporte, Colorado, and specializes
in black and white fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Cole Thompson.


Michelle said...

Gabriel Oh Gabriel
don't flap that book at me
I called you and called you
in my darkest hour

You got here 12 hours late


you flap that book!

Where are are your stinking WINGS??

Sarah-Paige said...

Can't you see
the wings across
his bent back ,
the halo
amidst tousled hair,
the light of knowledge
and understanding
in his attentive eyes.
He is a thirty second
revelation between
the footsteps
of moaning ghosts,
their passing breeze
rustling pages
of belief
held close
to his wandering body.

Renee said...

Can you believe it, I don't have a temper at all.

Well, except when I do. But that is very very rare.

Love Renee xoxo

Michelle Burnett said...

messenger of hope
the path is long and lonely
is paradise lost?

sudharm baxi said...

Had to do some research about Anglel Gabriel before writing this..

Hey Mr Gabriel
It appears
you have some messages
to pass
for last many ages
from the land of sages
you roam around
to pass on the sermon
you have found

Please tell me
what is there in that book
Is someone coming
to fix our gruelling look

Some messenger
some Son of God
coming to unburden
our heavy load

It is not that
we leave everything
upto God
But a look at you
your mysterious eyes
that book in your hand
that radiating light
exude a sense of hope

And you know we are
hopeful beings
on our hands and our soul
faith clings

On the first hand
we all forget our duty
But in trouble we
always remember the almighty

But i won't drag you into all this
Just pass on The message
and drop remaining that and this
or else you would also
burden yourself and lose your own bliss

sudharm baxi said...

Also an attempt at Haiku -

Mysterious looking Angel Gabriel has
brought some message from the holy heaven
about another Son of God

i love black and white photographs. This one particularly has fantastic light effects and the expression captured is amazing.

maglomaniac said...

Knock knock
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
Coz I am here
Knock Knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear

OOps I forgot my dossier
But I guess your book would show all that I bear
OOps I forgot my wallet
But I guess you are hiding enough for a show of ballet
Oops I left my friends
But I guess those drifting behind would love my friends views
Oops I forgot my enemies
But now you say that never matters

I wasnt much happy when I came here
But your spiked hair has brought some cheer
I was pained when leaving loved ones
But your presence brings a whole new assurances
I was pained when I failed in my class
But now your smile tells me that it was but a bucket of rocks

I thought her leaving me was the end
That wasn't
I thought then might be losing an arm was the end
That wasn't
I thought then may be being fired was the end
That wasn't
I thought atleast seeing loved ones die was the end
Till I saw the end
An end so beautiful
that seemed as a begining

I am happy Mr Gabriel
Coz I know now the end is here
And with the sea at your back
I know this end is the begining
A begining of one more end of mine

Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And let me in
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear


James Parker said...


We roam the Earth in human form,
To stand in vigil 'fore the coming storm.
Along with Michael, and so many more,
We're sent to observe and tally the score.

The world we see around us,
Is appalling in its need,
You plead to Him for mercy,
Yet wallow in your greed.

That expensive house. That fancy car
The job with bigger pay.
Those things you've come to value most.
Oh, how you've gone astray!

The Paradise He made for you,
The ones He held so dear,
Is now a toxic waste dump,
Getting worse and worse each year

You've trashed the Earth, abused her.
And left her sad to grieve.
Can't you see the things you're doing now,
You've blamed on Adam and Eve?

maglomaniac said...

Amazingly brilliant James.
Nice work Sarah.
And as usual beautiful rhyming Sudharm

Lisa said...

I am the answer you seek
the way
the thought
I am the one who rules the Angels
who shares the word
who gives you light
I am
i am

sudharm baxi said...

The thought of Angel has created a lot of fine ticking on the keyboard.. :)

Great work, loved reading them all.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What did God tell you concerning me?
Did you tell how I long to be loved
How I long to be free
How I need encouragment
Peace and Joy
or how I want protection
for all little girls and boys.
Protection from people
who look to prey
who'd hurt or pain them
or take them away
For the answer to a prayer
for a family
tell me Angel Gabriel
What did God tell you about me?

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

A mirage of our inner hopes: ethereal, inescapable, denial, sadness.

simoart said...

What an inspirational photograph. Great work, love to read everyone inspiration.

Renee said...

Thanks for the nice comment Nancy.

By the way, my middle name is Gabrielle.


Erica said...

Again, I'm not a writer. Just stopping by to say I love this image. And thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog :)

Anonymous said...


the brush and oils of the poet and statesman...painting pictures of those men, women and citizens we should be and can be. Yet far to often we play pathetic beguiled rodents to some tyrant pied piper, to never question why, to never read between the lines, to blindly stuff our fellow man head first into ovens to satisfy the ravings of monsters, to satisfy some twisted sense of nationalistic or religious the final analysis our failures render us fully complicit, fully compliant...


the brush and oils of adventurers, warriors, men of courage and conscience, those for whom going against the grain, never quitting but unflinching and unswerving in the pursuit of excellence, staring straight into the storm with grit teeth and clenched fists, a way of life, to the soul. Truly some actions speak louder than words, truly some actions a thunderous, withering roar....


those among us who, through the fish-eyed lens and with frequent indifference to their own mortality, capture those moments of our humanity. Sweet fleeting moments of our greatest bravery, suffering, inhumanity, cowardice, treachery, glory, compassion, triumph and beauty and in so doing leave us with reference, reference that suffers not the passage of time nor distance....

A Photograph...

The power of a photograph is immense. We sit touching lightly the edges of a photograph, the image looked upon, an event, a special occasion....perhaps someone long since gone or so very far away...and as we gaze upon that image we are reminded once again of moments past that when remembered bring a smile to our face and send a surge of warmth up our spine. This same power of a photograph is not lost on tyrants...witness "Tank Man" and the sleepless nights it caused in the Chinese Politburo...or Kevin Carter's "Vulture and Child" or the agony of Omayra Sanchez as, at our very finger tips, she slipped away......a photograph...a sliver of time on paper....

Just a couple of thoughts...


Don Laird

(A portion of this post was made by me on another blog.....I thought it relevant....)


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