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Image Prompt: Repair

Art Title: Repair © Neesha Hunter Illustration
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Brunswick, Maine, and specialize in watercolors.
Writing Prompt
What needs "repairing" in your life?
What essential steps are needed to get there?
Artwork used with permission from Neesha Hunter.


Flor Larios Art said...

Me, being so negative...believe more in my art and see my improvements instead of concentrating on small stuff/or to me... imperfections.

Lovely image...poor thing :(

James Parker said...


A strange thing happened yesterday,
As I took a walk downtown.
My arm had started twitching,
Then just fell off on the ground

I checked the Yellow Pages,
To find a good repair shop,
And found an ad that stated,
"For arm repair we're tops"

I should have seen it coming,
There had to be a catch,
When the ad said "We're the cheapest place,
You'll strings attached!"

maglomaniac said...

POWER-the other side

A man has the power
to sow the seeds of his destiny
A man has the power
to build the road to money
A man has the power
to find his wings of creativity
A man has the power
to prove his claims' veracity

But when I used my power
I touched women's modesty
But when I used my power
I hurt my loved ones frugality
But when I used my power
I shattered sincere religious custody
But when I used my power
I scarred divine sanctity
But when I used my power
I sniffed on cocaine and ecstasy

And then I saw
The fallacies I commited
And then I felt
the sadness I exubered
Felt guilty of my sins
saw pain that I inflicted

And then my conscience hit me
My misdeeds enamored me
And then I took a decision
Got my power's confrontation
A power that I had
But always used it in the
in the wrong direction

And then I tore my arm
that hit my soul
And then I bore my marks
by the pain so pure

I know my arm will grow back
If I mend my ways
I know my arm will grow back
If I make things right
I know my arm will grow back
yes,it will


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

"Now to make myself into a cyborg!!"

glorv1 said...

Aw poor baby. How sweet he looks. Trying to figure out how to fix himself. :) Take care.

Luis said...

Everything needs repairing in my life!! I suppose my fear of losing everything including my home and security is stopping me from doing anything about it. It is so difficult to change. I want to SCREAMMMMM.

Renee said...

Nancy what a wonderful site. I love this picture.


islandhopper said...

So many things need repairing.
So many parts missing or aging.
Some parts worn down my by misuse and abuse,
some never used but still falling apart.
Repair seems futile.
A major overhaul perhaps.
An upgrade?
Now, if only I can find the warranty.

gege said...

Your site gets prettier and prettier. You provide such a welcoming second home to those who ache to write.

Meandering Michael said...

I used to have such patience
Cared not of expectations
Would bounce along
What could go wrong?
Then came the complications

I'm no longer tied by strings
But I'm bound by other things
More consternation
And frustration
Aggravation's what they bring

I was charmed, I was charmed
But now I am alarmed
A temper spawns
With patience gone
For now I am unarmed

I want it back, want it back
Want the patience that I lack
Ask a fairy?
Much too scary
Just BE patient; never crack.


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