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Photo Prompt: Abandoned Car

Photo Title: Abandoned Car © Lori Nix Photography
Visit her site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Brooklyn, New York and specializes in
dioramas and constructed photograpy.
Writing Prompt
Try your hand at mystery writing.
Here are some
writing tips about this genre.
Photo used with permission from Lori Nix.


James Parker said...


Those swindlers, they took everything
Every penny that I had.
I lost my house, my job,
The situation's bad.

I once was rather wealthy,
Now there's barely food to eat.
And tho I'm shamed to say it,
I've been living on the street.

To find a place to live in,
I've searched both near and far,
Now you're looking at my new home,
This old abandoned car.

glorv1 said...

Hi Nancy! I remember those cars. Times were better then. I love the blue of it, that's for sure.
Have a great weekend.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Interesting and timely. Sunday I was driving my youngest daughter back to college and decided to take the scenic route to Richmond, Va. when I spied over in the woods and old 59 Chevy; the one they call the bat-mobile. I got all excited and clamored to my daughter look!! look! a bat-mobile!!! She said, “cooool”. I know people who traipse through the woods around here looking for old abandoned automobiles and then record the them with photos and GPS locations. Lori’s model appears to be a 64 Ford Galaxy, I think. Very interesting photos, especially on her website.

Meandering Michael said...
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Meandering Michael said...

Roger Greaves knew he had a problem and he knew that problem went a lot deeper than the disappearance of his family.

"Look under the hood," ordered Detective Harper.

Roger stared at the old blue car. Officer Burton prodded him in the back, so he took a hesitant step toward the abandoned vehicle.

The wind shifted and a putrid smell wafted from the grille. He gagged and looked back at the detective, who lifted his head in the direction of the car, directing Roger to continue.

Despite the heat, his hands were cold and damp. Lifting the heavy hood, the hot smell of decay rose up to meet his nose. His eyes watered and he gagged again before retching on the sand beside the car. When he was done, he looked at what was causing the smell.

"Can you identify the body?" asked Harper.

"Yes," said Roger, "It's him. My best friend."

"Roger Greaves," said Burton, taking him by the shoulder, "You're under arrest for the murder of David Willoughby."

Cole Ann said...


broken down
left for dead
covered in rust
and shattered glass
all that is left
is what i know
because those who did
have now forgot
no more music
or happy laughter
my days of adventure
have long been out numbered
now i sit
sore to the eye
watching the world
pass me by

I actually wrote this back in feb, but this is pretty much what I had in my head when I wrote it and I thought it went well with the pic so I figured i'd post it here :)


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