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Photo Prompt: The Sepulture

Photo Title: The Sepulture © Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French
Visit their website to see additional photos.
The photographers live in Los Angeles, California, and specialize
in traditional black and white with an emphasis on
surrealism, fantasy and pictorialism.

Photo used with permission from Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French.


Renee said...

Lady: Do not let go of that baby carriage.


enigma said...

spooky...i think of Rosemary's baby seeing this image..

Dungha said...

beautiful works!

Marian Trasca said...

nicely done....

James Parker said...

Enigma...Rosemary's Baby...I thought the same thing.


Sepulture...such a gloomy word,
One you'll seldom hear me say.
But it best describes the task
That I must perform this day.

A burial place, a final grave,
A tomb to hide my shame.
The darkness spawned, the fears unleashed,
I've given it no name

This carriage will soon plummet,
With just a simple nudge.
This awful deed may stun you,
But I ask you not to judge.

My given name is Rosemary,
Of that you may have guessed
I've come to do this dreadful thing
And put my heart at rest.

A demon's child is what I've borne
And now shamefully despise,
The knobby horns, the needle fangs,
Those ghastly yellow eyes

This sad, dark thing must now be done,
I won't rejoice or revel.
One push begins its final trek,
"Goodbye, you little devil!"

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Frightening!!!....and compelling.

This woman is the unwritten passages of the life of Poe's, Annabelle Lee

Meandering Michael said...

The daredevil died on a dastardly day
A disastrous drop off a cliff, so they say
A stupefying stunt of insanest degree and
His perishing wish was "Son, take after me."

Anonymous said...

(poem by Therese L. Broderick of Albany, NY, USA)


Swaddle the younger brother
beneath a windproof
net. Your oldest son,
wanderer in the East,
is spiraling home. Nod
once to delay his crime,
twice to wield the blade,
once more to change boys
into daughters. Forsake all
charms along the heath
"cease, my child, oh cease"
where a mother is doomed
to love her guilty one.

Flor Larios Art said...

Powerful it!

Tessa said...

Will she? No, no, surely not. A powerful image indeed.

maglomaniac said...

Nancy am dying to use your wonderful photos.
Can i include them with credentials.

A lot of my work is based on the prompts by your wonderful site.

This photo seemed very disturbing to me and finally:

Don’t call it a deceit
No please no
Don’t call it a deceit
Call it my helplessness
Call it my fear
Call it my cowardice
But dear
Don’t call it a deceit

I too have shed tears
I too have undergone fears
I know darling what happens when pain sears
I know darling when hope tears

I too am the way like you WOULD be
I too am the way like you COULD be

Born to a household of six girls already
With one baby brother known as the king ready

Cursed I was,hit I was
even when
I neither knew the pain nor disdain
Bruised I was,pained I was
even then
I had to live with the scars within

Two square meals with burned bread and watery gravy
Seemed to me as my so called magnamimous luxury
Yes,to indulge in a play,Was a month of spanking
To indulge in brother’s toys,Was the whole family’s cursing
I too learned my way to live life happy
to keep my mouth shut and eat what was crappy
Brothers touched me,uncles molested me
Grandma hated me,aunts despised me
To indulge in me was everyone's desire
But what happened to me was not at all dire

Darling I was married for loads of heavy dowry
Darling I was married for your father's whole family
I dont know whom to call your father
Is it my husband or his so called father

And now I am told you are about to come
And now I am told my fairy will breath in scum

But my princess there is an oath I have
Oath to love and oath to live
Oath to save my fairy from the same

I thought so hard to run from here
I tried so hard to take you there
Where you would be a princess
and eat whole food
Where you would be a princess
and play good games
But darling I was caught and beat to death
But darling even then I fought with all my strength

But dear I am sorry
I couldn't keep my oath
But oath I would keep
To save you from their keep
Princess you have to go
But dont be afraid
I will save you from a life.....for a better life
I will take your give you a better life

You know am crying
You know I am sorry
But yes I am happy
Don’t call it a deceit
No please no
Don’t call it a deceit



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