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Image Prompt: Goin' Home

Art Title: Goin' Home © Edward Burton
Visit his blog to see additional artwork. And, his website HERE.
The artist lives in California (in the San Francisco bay area)
and specializes in painting portraits and landscapes in oil.

Artwork used with permission from Edward Burton.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

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Meandering Michael said...

We're goin' home and much too soon,
but that's the usual tale.
This blasted leash is much too short;
I couldn't check my p-mail!

Michelle Burnett said...

walking on sunshine
following where he goes
a great day it's been

Anonymous said...

Good friends to walk beside us
Warm sun to shine on our back
The simple things that make life worth living

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Home must be at the beach, or so it appears. Lucky guy!!!

James Parker said...


Visiting the beach,
Has always been a chore.
My master seems to like it
To me it's such a bore.

But this time it was different,
I really had some fun
Cause all my pals were there today,
Lapping up the sun.

Linus came to see us
Dragging masteress Manon Doyle,
Winnifred and Nancy next,
And her pugs, forever loyal

I could barely just believe it when
I saw Pokey and TacoBelle,
Up from Costa Rica,
Dragging "StinkyFeet" as well

Melissa and Emmitt came running,
All tongues, and fur and paws
Sheila and Carrie there painting,
Doing artwork for "The Cause"

But the greatest thrill of all,
Was when Tweedles joined my side
Together we went off alone
To watch the incoming tide.

We trotted down the beach,
For an hour..maybe more
Till it was time to return again,
To our buddies by the shore.

This day was really wonderful,
I hate to see it end.
But Adios, for now my friends,
I'll see ya round the bend.

sudharm baxi said...

i love dogs. i heard someone say -

A dog loves you more than what you yourself do.

and James your piece was fantastic, really enjoyed reading it!!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Oh you touched me, my friend.
i hated the day to end.
We'll walk along together real soon, with you and all our friends.
i'll run with you, i'll dance with you- i'll smile in your eyes, and we will keep remembering what we never wanted to end.
i love you

James Parker said...

Great Post, Every Photo (and neat new site). Super painting, Ed. Thanks for the comment, Sudharm. And, Tweedles...shlurp!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

James, you are too much:) Thank you for your kind comment, and thanks to ALL for sharing your writings and thoughts. And, to Edward for your beautiful painting.

simoart said...

Beautiful painting, a nice walk on the beach, it relax me just looking at it. I love it.

Tessa said...

A painting which dazzlingly evokes the warmth of summer and a day at the beach. Great smile invoking poem, too, James!


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