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Photo Prompt: Portrait of a Young Girl

Untitled Photo © David White - A Year In Photography
Visit his blog site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Chester, North West England, and
specializes in finding his own unique interpretation of
the natural world,
with occasional experiments in lifestyle photography.

Photo used with permission from David White.


James Parker said...

I'm looking at you slyly,
A smile behind these eyes.

My ragged clothes may fool you,
But I'm a princess in disguise.

glorv1 said...

Just 3 words: She is beautiful.
I really appreciate your blog and all the special photos, arts and prints that you give us to reflect on. Have a great Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

My soul is pure
My heart is true
Look deep in my eyes
and you'll

Meandering Michael said...

Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes for the 1990s
Little Girl Blue come help me please
The sheep is now cloned. Cows have Mad Cow Disease.
And where is that boy who looks after the cow?
Under a haystack, learning Tao.
Will you disturb him? No, not me. I wouldn't want to disturb his ch'i.

Sarah-Paige said...

Blue eyes radiate
youthful life,
her smile revealing
but a small portion
of the love
she has to give.
When the warming sun
chases away shadows
cast by a lesson
in modesty
her mischievous
soul abounds
in dimples
that could melt
the coldest heart.
Golden locks fall
around childish cheeks
in swirling ringlets
only slightly tamed
by a bonnet stitched
with mother's care.

sudharm baxi said...

This is neither sham nor fake
i love to be my purest cutest best..
You adore me for what i am
and i am not worried of all the rest..

i have not learnt
the art of lying..
and never attempted
my hands at shamming..

honesty and faith
are the two things i know..
and for those two too
i never put up a show..

Straight from my heart
This smile is genuine..
i am God's own creation
and not some mannequine..

Such a cute photo...Beautiful..
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Stephen Dell'Aria said...

It's that reflection along the chin and the 18th century dress that transforms this photo into a painting by Chardin

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Thanks for stopping by EVERYONE, and thank you, Gloria, for your kind note, and Sudharm for your article:)

Faith said...

I am the one
who spins in the night
just outside
your window
the webs of spider silk
the dew dropped graces
I have magic magic
in my eyes

I am the one
who dances in the moonlight
just beyond your dreams
calling calling
All Ye
All Ye
In Come Free

I am the one
in the morning
as the sun rises
who follows the birdsong
in your heart
and releases the joy
into the cloudless sky

And the one who
plants the seeds
and waters the trees

The wind and the shadows
that play across the field
I am
I am the one.

Michelle Burnett said...

a beautiful glow
upon her hair, light falls
radiance, she smiles

WHY? said...

What a picture of innocence. Don't know why but it sort of reminds me of the look on Mona Lisa's face. Or rather, her smile.


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