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Photo Prompt: Touch

Photo Title: Touch © Ken Flett
Visit is site to see additional artwork. And, his blog: Shaping Stones
The artist (and photographer) lives in Port Alberni, British Columbia,
Canada, and specializes in mixed media

Photo used with permission from Ken Flett.


James Parker said...

TOGETHER (Dedicated to Glen & Gwen)

We've traveled this world's highways.
It's winding roads and paths
Stumbled on the rocks and briars,
And found splendor in the grass

Side by side we walked together,
Shared the laughter and the tears,
Two as one amid the twilight,
We have reached the golden years,

Of all my fondest memories,
The ones that mean so much,
Are the ones with words unspoken,
Just your kind and gentle touch

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

The arms and hands of the forgotten

Lisa said...

be with me, be mine
stay with me, be mine

Lisa x

Renee said...

Can I just say how much I love Ken. Can I just say that when I see his pictures with his wife it is always so sensual.

This is a couple where I see love come off of the pictures. I am never wrong about that.

Love Renee xoo

Renee said...

Nancy and thank you for giving Shelly the idea to do a guest post.

You would have laughed your head off at me yesterday trying to figure out how to do that stupid link, it took me all night.

Love you sweet friend.


Meandering Michael said...

When we fought we stood apart
And walls got built between us

Now when we fight we hold on tight
And walls are made around us

Touch me when I'm angered, dear
The walls will all come down

I'll hold you when you need me, dear
So walls of strength surround

maglomaniac said...


Yes,I will break my beak
and pluck my feathers
like the eagle to gain victory
I will clean my sins
and repent for my crimes
like the man who won't be History


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