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Photo Prompt: Untitled

Untitled Photo : © Tread - GoTreadGo
Visit his website to see additional photos. And, his photo blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Central Kentucky, and specializes in
Toy Camera Photography specifically Black & White
and Color photography, captured non-digitally,
and printed traditionally using silver and paper.

Photo used with permission from Tread.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Happy Easter:)

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Interesting photo. The angle of view brings the stone figures to life making me feel as if I am present at the crucifixion. I enjoy how just the simple choice of view can give weight and significance to images made with crude tools.

James Parker said...


You brought The Light into this world,
To guide and show The Way,
You spread Your Love and gave us hope,
And taught us how to pray.

The darkest evil dwells in man,
That brought You to this cross,
You gave Your all that we might live,
For That Gift, You paid the cost.

But life in You has been renewed,
What was written, now is told.
You died...Now live to show us,
How precious is our soul.

Anonymous said...

Into thy hands I commend my spirit.


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