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Image Prompt: Funny Limerick or Caption

Art Title: Sushi Tragedy © James Parker
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
And, his blog: James Parker Art and Windows to the Words
The artist lives in Rio Frio, Costa Rica, and his artwork is focused
on the rainforest and everything else in the world.

A wonderful article written by James, about the interconnectedness
of the blogging community, was just published on Empty Easel.
You can read it HERE.
Writing Prompt Idea
Write a funny (but clean:) limerick about this image
or a topic of your choice.
As always, this is just a suggested prompt.
(example by Edward Lear)
There was a Young Lady whose chin,
Resembled the point of a pin;
So she had it made sharp,
And purchased a harp,
And played several tunes with her chin.
Write a funny caption.
Artwork used with permission from James Parker.


James Parker said...


Rod the Cod had come to Hollywood
To get fame and strike it rich
But he met a sleazy agent,
By the name of Tricky Mitch

It didn't take him long,
To get his first job acting,
In a movie with no plot,
Needing talent he was lacking.

He took the part reluctantly,
Cause the ending left him cold,
Now you can see him in the picture,
His role as a California Roll.

Glynis said...

Oh raw emotions on a plate,
my friend the prawn and Mr Skate!

WHY? said...

This painting has made my morning! It is comical and thought provoking at once. I know it's not meant to bring up philosophical discussions, but it does depict how everything that lives feels in some way. I believe that if nothing else.

glorv1 said...

....and I agree with "Why."
Take care.

James Parker said... did say limerick...

A Mafia tuna named Newman,'
Had a crime syndicate big & quite boomin'
But a lawman named Bob,
Threw a net on his mob
Newman now sleeps with the humans

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

There once was a salmon named Chuck
Who always had the best of luck
To spawn Chuck swam back
But became a grizzly bear's snack
That poor ole' unlucky Chuck.

A Cuban In London said...

Little one: 'I just wanted one more, just one more...!'

Greetings from London.

david mcmahon said...

Some great work on this site. Came here from Aerial Armadillo.

Mark Sheeky said...

A fish, disappointed, a hake,
let go of his lunch by mistake.
A priest tried to pray
but all he could say
was cry over spilt milk not cake.

Mark Sheeky said...

A fish was observing some sushi
while crying and feeling quite blue-shi
I knew him, she said
and now he is dead
and it easily could have been you-shi!


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