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Photo Prompt: Forbidden

Photo Title: Forbidden © Gabriel Buta
Visit his blog to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Bucharest, Romania, and specializes
in street photography.

Photo used with permission from Gabriel Buta.


Poetic Artist said...

I shall need to reach the other side to find where I belong.

For the sad of this I am still not sure of what side of the fence I am on.

glorv1 said...

Looking at the window with the barbed wire makes me think that I am sometimes on the side that can't get out.

Ema said...

he really deserves this recognition..congratulations,gabi!

Meandering Michael said...

They put up wallsThey put of fences
And they put up barricades
They put up signs
About trespassing
Concrete towers
And wires with blades
And they patrol
With dogs and searchlights
With machine guns
And grenades
And they use soldiers
Lines of soldiers
Sniper sentries
And brigades

And the higher they build the wall
To keep me on the Eastern side
Will only strengthens my desire
to make it to the other side

thezeninyou said...

I am bound only the barbed thoughts fighting in my head...

I am free to walk through the gate at any time...

But sometimes I forget how to open the door...

Lisa said...

only this stops me
from dialing your number

Rinkly Rimes said...

Another prompt that had me diving back into the past. A novel meme. My contribution

James Parker said...


Back in "uncivilized" times,
There were no prison walls,
No barbed wire or razors,
Or detention at all.

The right way to act,
Was inscribed in the heart,
No need for laws,
Everyone did their part.

Politicians make laws,
That they know will be broken.
If they think that way works,
They surely are joking.

In today's prison system,
The lesson that's taught,
Is do what you want to,
Just don't ever get caught.

gba said...


dolly p. said...

eve started it!

the openness of barbed barriers leave me longing for a solid divide

i find myself constantly and painfully searching for what appears as greener on the other side

instead of basking and growing in the glorious Sonshine of where i am!

A Cuban In London said...

'You can check out any time you like/ but you can never leave'.

Hotel California by The Eagles.

Greetings from London.

L.Holm said...

A is for Arrest.


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