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Image Prompt: Time

Art Title: Time © Bella Sinclair
Visit her blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Tokyo, Japan, and specializes in
children's illustration.

Artwork used with permission from Bella Sinclair.


Lorna said...

Time is not for little children to think about; they cannot grasp the delicate thread. Instead, they play with metal watches and put them in bottles.

But time, even in a bottle, does not stop. Someday when that little girl is much much older, she will think back and remember and at that moment, she will understand what Time really means.


Michelle said...

Oh time, I wish I could bottle and store
when I’m near my last breath and my heart beats nevermore
then I’d take you off the shelf,
open you up to renew myself
But here I am still breathing
and time, it is fleeting
so from this day on it is my promise to do
And not waste another minute of you.

Meandering Michael said...

"If I could save time in a bottle..."

My homework assignment was going to be late
Which would keep me from getting straight "A"s
Lucky for me I had been to the store
And had purchased some time, just in case
I opened the jar of "Jim's Time in a Bottle"
But suddenly felt awful tired
I looked at the label, which wrapped 'round the jar
And I saw that the time had expired.

James Parker said...


Time...just one great mystery,
Has yet to be explained,
We posture, muse and speculate,
But the questions still remain

We break time into pieces,
With Earth's trip around the Sun,
By seconds, minutes, hours...
We allow the clock to run.

The field of quantum physics,
Ventures forth a call...
If we weren't here to notice,
Would time exist at all?

One simple fact stands clear,
Since that first primordial dawn,
Whether minutes, weeks, or centuries,
Once Time has passed, it's gone.

Renee said...

Today I was able to shave 16 minutes out of my day and add them to my stash of time.

Time is being accumulated isn't it? Something I can redeem at a later date?


Meandering Michael said...

James, you nailed that one!

dominique eichi said...

Oh Time what are you ?
spent, out of, in, given, break,
all that, love, in a bottle, fleeting, sleepy, nap, honored, gift of, departure & arrival, forever, glory, magic, good, happy............... There are so many you decide.
But be wise !

dominique eichi said...

In the Oven,
My head was in the sand of "time", I missed the last "time".

Caroline said...

Putting time aside
Hoping to slow down my life
Enjoying moments

readingsully2 said...

Time in a bottle
is the name of a great song-
A wonderful dream.

Manuela said...

She peeked through the keyhole, and seeing no one in the room, slowly opened the door and tiptoed inside, moving towards the shelves. Grandmother was right, she thought as her horrified eyes took in the tidy, spotless rows: Hopes trapped under cracked soil in pots lined precisely, like pastel, headless ducks; Wishes sealed shut in green and purple boxes; and, right in front of her eyes, the heartbreaking stacks of brightly colored books holding all the Dreams hostage.

Her eyes filled with tears and grief threatened to overwhelm her, but she clenched her fists and shook her head as if bothered by a bee. As she had done countless times during the arduous journey, she thought again of her village as she had last seen it, eerily silent, the children wasting away, the parents maddened by grief, the elders barely able to hold everything together. Armored with hot anger, she then raised her eyes to the topmost shelf, where Time lay frozen in transparent, sparkling jars. With a last good bye she sent away the memory of home and began hurling the jars to the floor.

As each jar broke a swarm of bees burst out, until all jars were gone and the room was filled by a deafening Swarm, gracefully twisting and braiding into infinite patterns around the girl. She stood unmoving and watched as the books and boxes fell apart, disintegrated, and together with the pots crumbled into dust. Her eyes followed the Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams as they all rose and were swept into the Swarm.

Suddenly her knees gave way and she crumbled into a heap, her body now that of an old woman, shriveled and wrinkled. She closed her eyes and gratefully gave in to the heavy waves of tiredness coming up her limbs, while the Swarm began seeping out through the crumbling door, each bee carrying in her humming an Once upon a time...

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I thought about this for a long time,, and maybe I should tell you.
The jar I was looking for is gone.
The jar was labeled CONTENTMENT.


A Cuban In London said...

'I can reach it! I can reach it! I've grown two inches taller! Yes, I can reach it!

Greetings from London.


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