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Photo Prompt: A World Without Woman

Photo Title: Woman and Globe © Joyce Tenneson Photography
Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Maine, and specializes in portraiture.

Photo posted with permission from Joyce Tenneson.


Caroline said...

A world without women...

What a sad, dark, scary place it would be...

Lorna said...

If all women were kind and loving and bright and cheerful, it would be a terrible world without them.

But my choice would be to have a world of the best men and the best women, with all the rest of them dumped onto a large island.


James Parker said...


The joy of being pregnant...
It's Womanhood fulfilled!
The way it's got me feeling now,
I'm really not that thrilled.

Morning sickness, stretch marks,
Added stress and added pounds,
Weird cravings, feeling bloated,
And the cost of Ultrasound.

I know that it'll be worth it,
I'll soon be with my child,
And look back on this discomfort,
With an understanding smile.

Possibly with excercise,
And diets, teeny-weeny,
Maybe I can bend and touch my toes,
And get back in my bikini.

Lisa said...

a world without women
a room without light
no world to speak of
at all

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

A world without women is no world at all. terrific photo!!! Reminds me of some of the paintings by Odd Nerdrum

readingsully2 said...

A world 'sans' women
is unimaginable-
like rain without wet.

WHY? said...

A woman nurtures, nourishes, loves, and is the tree of life that bears fruit. She is responsible for civilization. For without her, mankind would still be walking around wearing animal hide, and sleeping on the ground!

Manuela said...

I wrote this about a year ago, but it immediately came to mind as I read 'world without woman', and then it wouldn't leave... so here it is:

Empty cage

Today I saw a man
carrying a bird cage with no bird,
and more acutely than the bars
I felt the emptiness inside.

glorv1 said...

A world without woman would definitely be a world without man.

Have a great week Nancy.

Jane Hunt said...

A world without women
would be the end of the world
within one generation

nc said...

a world without women..would be a world without love..

A Cuban In London said...

'The Wonderful and Intricate World of the Pregnant Woman'.

Greetings from London.

José said... wouldn't exist.

Kind regards,



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