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Image Prompt: An Unmade Bed

Art © Duane Keiser
Visit his website to see additional artwork.
And, his blog HERE and HERE.
The artist lives in Richmond, Virginia, and specializes in oil painting.

Artwork used with permission from Duane Keiser.


Rinkly Rimes said...


An unmade bed
And it says many things.
'Make me, you lazy thing!'
'Come on, love, hop back in!'
'Do you remember that holiday at Lake Lugano?'
'When did you last wash these sheets?'
'Gosh! You were restless last night!'
You really should buy a new doona cover!'
'Why do you always leave me till last?
'Stop remembering!'
And what do you say?

'Shut up!'

A Cuban In London said...

'Tracey Emin: Before'

Greetings from London.

James Parker said...


I've always been a slob,
It's a fact that's quite well-known
As a kid, my bedroom door read..
Caution! Demolition zone!

And as I now grow older,
There is very little change,
If you walk into my kitchen,
It's like a bombing range.

If you venture to my bedroom,
It's really quite a sight,
I never make the bed up,
Cause I'm using it tonight.

I guess most folks will think,
That my habits are real crappy,
But I just don't let it bother me,
I might be messy, but I'm happy.

WHY? said...

An unmade bed is like cool rain in July.

glorv1 said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful day! Times wasting, got to get out of here! The world awaits me! I'll make the bed later.

Have a great Wednesday Nancy.

Glynis said...

She slid from the covers,
a memorable night,
two friends became lovers.
She feared if she remade the bed,
she would lose memories,
from inside her head.

simoart said...

It is a beautiful painting, loves the pillows, I want to hop in bed. Great work.

Lorna said...

What a gift this is to all bloggers! Thank you. I will use your pictures.


Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, love it, James!

My eyes flutter open
The morning light's cruel
My right cheek is damp
From a puddle of drool
I look at my clock
And I feel like a fool
Oh, God! I must go
Or I'll be late for school!


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