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Photo Prompt: Prom Dress

Photo Title: Prom Dress#3 © Tom Chambers Photography
Visit his site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Richmond, Virginia, and specializes in

Photo used with permission from Tom Chambers.


Lisa said...

like lambs to the slaughter

nc said...

"Now people will never forget me."

Poetic Artist said...

The perfect prom dress and I can not do a thing with my hair..It is straight as a stick..

Tiffany Teske said...

This image is lovely! Thanks, Nancy :)

James Parker said...


I shop at all the discount stores,
To get the lowest price.
I usually save a bundle,
From now on I may think twice

Ever since my latest purchase,
I haven't slept one night,
You can tell it from the photo,
This futon just ain't right.

Rinkly Rimes said...


I'm only an amateur photographer
But I must say I try to do my best.
I shoot all the females at my High School
Especially when they're formally dressed.
I like to do a special job on Prom Night,
For that's when they really go to town,
And each one in finery's resplendent,
In a dress that could be a wedding gown.
They wear make-up that's absolutely flawless
And their hair's all fluffed out and sort of teased,
And my photos have always been successful;
I can honestly say they've all been pleased.
But here I must announce the one exception!
Taylor Smith has been quite dissatisfied!
Yes, she says that she's not prepared to pay me.
And goodness only knows, I've really tried.
She's been posed on a couch and on a staircase,
She's been draped over balustrades for hours.
I've arranged her on cushions and in gardens,
Where I paid for a sumptuous bunch of flowers.
'Tom, you must show my profile to advantage!
Tom! The skirt doesn't hang the way it should!
Tom! My hair looks a little bit too curly!
Tom! The background of that one isn't good!'
On and on she continued in this manner,
Till I felt I would give the job away!
But I felt rather stubborn I can tell you.
And, besides, I was counting on the pay.
In the end I decided I would pose her
In a way no-one ever thought to see.
I'm just about to hand her the photo.
Can you guess what her reaction will be?

Hannah said...

A living sacrifice, it's intriguing and very interesting.

A Cuban In London said...

'I knew that I would somehow come to manage that yoga position one day'.

Greetings from London.

WHY? said...

She will sacrifice her virginity and self for the sake of a rite of passage that is utterly useless in my book. Not unlike the sweet 16 parties, or many of the traditions that are carried out due to peer pressure! And, often it is the female gender to suffer. Fascinating photograph.

Renee said...

Now this is a picture I could look at for a very long time.

Love it.

Renee xoxox

glorv1 said...

I don't know why I agreed to pose like this. Hurry up photographer, my back is killing me.

I love this photo and I agree with Renee, I can look at it for hours. Thx for sharing.

the enigma said...

you always pick the best pictures.... thank you for your comments on my blog, they always lift my spirit. ^_^

dominique eichi said...

HAHAHAHAHA.................. My Word Verification is

TRIANUTI...............I rest my case

Sarah-Paige said...

Scan the horizon
just below the prairie clouds,
a scene serene and overcast
shadows the earthy greens.
Every color darkened
except her skins
permanent pale.
The limp body draped
in joy's disguise,
fleeting frills and thrills,
laid across sturdy sticks
an offering to the god
of animal and man;
while the line between
savage and civil
burns at both ends.

dominique eichi said...

the first air mattress !


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