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Image Prompt: One More Try

Art Title: I Can Tie My Shoes © Angela Elledge
Visit her website to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in Texas, and specializes in oil painting.

Artwork used with permission from Angela Elledge.


Caroline said...

Take deep breaths don't cry
A few more times you must try
run away...goodbye!

Shaun said...

Looking at her blog it was hard not to feel a true love for her subjects... I am not sure why. There is a feeling in her work....

Lorna said...

Wonder how many things I lost because I failed to try one more time.


readingsully2 said...


In a toddler's life
each tiny event is a
big accomplishment.

Elizabeth Bingham said...

Annie would try one more time. She had to do it for pappa. He always told her she could do anything she wanted if only she would try. But learning how to tie her shoes was harder than learning her ABC's or even counting. Pappa was going away. Annie would show him and he would be so proud. Her best friends brother told Annie that her pappa may never return from the war. She didn't understand what that meant, but she didn't like the sound of it.

Annie would try one more time. She would make pappa proud!

James Parker said...


It really looks so easy,
It's just one little string,
I've got ten fingers working,
So it should be no big thing.

This makes the twentieth try,
I'm giving it all I got,
But all I seem to wind up with,
Is one big spaghetti knot.

Meandering Michael said...

It has taken 'bout an hour
But I've nearly got it done
My mom's so bad at tying shoes -
This knot won't come undone!

A Cuban In London said...

'If Dad and Mum stopped shouting at each other so much, maybe, just maybe I could learn how to do my shoelaces.'

Greetings from London.

Pat Jenkins said...

concentration breeds competitivness!!!


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