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Photo Prompt: The Clown

Photo © Tread - GoTreadGo
Visit his website to see additional photos. And, his photo blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Central Kentucky, and specializes in
Toy Camera Photography specifically Black & White
and Color photography, captured non-digitally,
and printed traditionally using silver and paper.

Photo used with permission from Tread.


Lorna said...

Clowns are the stuff of nightmares, and the best example I can think of is Stephen King's Pennywise in his novel, IT.

A twisted smile is ever so much more chilling than an angry face.



We all generally put a virtual "mask" on when we are working but, those that place a literal "mask" on are some how, so much more vulnerable than the rest of us.

Just tonight, coincidentally or not, we spied a "clown" car parked opposite ours at the gas pump. Serious and somber, she swayed into to the shop to pay. Only as we made are way to leave, did we see what she had done in her quiet rush. We could hardly believe she had pulled away with the hose-pump still in the tank! There they lay, the nozzle, the hose, and her gas cap remain scattered on the ground. We inched away around the debris, as our minds grazed the possibilities...and the is when she returned, complete with stone faced mask.
It must be an awkward way of life.

Poetic Artist said...

The End of the Day.
Time to take my Happy Face off.
As He cast his eyes down trying not to show the Sadness before he walks away.

Shaun said...

Excellent photographer. Has a unique style of communicating feelings in the pictures. Makes me feel exhausted after looking at all of them.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your picture dredged up an old old memory and gave me goose-bumps.

Pat Jenkins said...

the irony of the clown... meant to make one laugh, yet they always look depressed!!

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

What sorrows does the clown hold inside that find there way into funny action that make us laugh?

readingsully2 said...

Clowns have eyes you can't
read..something sinister there
hidden like a ghost.

A Cuban In London said...

'I'm not funny anymore...'

Greetings from London.

Manuela said...

They call me 'clown',
as if I'm a different species.
What should I call them?
Man? Woman?
I am a man. I love a woman.
Sometimes I dress like a clown.
Sometimes they dress in suits.
Should I call them 'suits'?
'Hey, suit, how's your day going?'
Not that they ever ask.
They call me 'clown',
as if that's all I am.
Relentlessly, from all sides,
until the mask, before a shield,
starts melting, seeping in -
its lines the only sharp ones
in a now shapeless, blurry mass.
Today I saw it all in the mirror
and thought:

James Parker said...


My neighbor's barking dogs,
Kept me up all through the night,
I haven't done the dishes,
And the living room's a fright.

My sweeetheart hit the road,
With my best friend by her side.
My computer crashed this morning,
And my goldfish up and died.

The hardest job in all the world,
Is to be a circus clown,
It's tough to make the people laugh,
When you're depressed and feeling down.

WHY? said...

In a way, we're all clowns, aren't we? We all learn to put on a happy face when we're really crying on the inside. After awhile, that happy face becomes a mask that is hard to take off. Like actors and actresses playing our part.

Elizabeth said...

The alarm goes off but Charlie hits the snooze and groans quietly to himself. He buries his head beneath the covers, and wishes he could sleep forever. What's the use he wonders. Making children smile should make him happy. It doesn't anymore. Not in years. His life is meaningless. He wants out but Charlie is a coward. The alarm goes off again and this time Charlie rolls out of bed. What does hell feel like he thinks to himself as he turns on the bathroom light.

nc said...

a clown out of mourn..

clown says: 'leave me alone'

Meandering Michael said...

It's sad, but true, that even clowns
must sometimes get the blues

The saddest clown I ever saw
had lost his floppy shoes

And I was puzzled - quite perplexed -
at how to mend his frown

A clown spreads joy and happiness...

...but who can cheer a clown?


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