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Image Prompt: It Ain't Over Until It's Over!

Art © Stephen Gardner - Sketch of the Day
Visit his blog to see additional artwork. And, his website HERE
The artist lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is an illustrator by trade.

Artwork used with permission from Stephen Gardner.


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Jackie Robinson's hitting technique may be considered a little unorthodox by today's standards but it sure got the job done back in his era. A terrific portrait of one of baseball's immortals

Lorna said...

Hmmm. I was thinking about Life and how it is useless to worry about it soon being over.


James Parker said...


Since my days of sandlot games,
I've really come quite far.
My slammin' home run swings,
Have made me a diamond star.

The kids all flock around me,
They want my autograph,
I'm happy to oblige 'em,
I love to make em laugh.

If you can call play work,
I work three hours a day,
I smack a couple of homers,
To earn my take home pay.

And my pay is astronomic,
I'm happy as a lark,
With what I bring home weekly,
I could buy the baseball park.

WHY? said...

It ain't over until it's over. How inspiring. That's probably the only thing I like about sports. The fact that these players will fail over and over again, but keep going. They get paid lots of money, true. But I wonder how discouraging it must be to be out there in front of millions of people and strike out or miss the ball. It must take every ounce of will power to keep going play after play. That's how life should be lived. Because we have two options. One is to wake up each day and do the same thing over again. The other is to wake up and learn what didn't work yesterday, then try it a different way today. Either way, it isn't over until it's over. But to keep our eye on the ball and to keep swinging isn't enough. We need to learn and grow. To decide what works and what doesn't. To master our lives.

aristide said...

complimenti molto creative e belle

Pat Jenkins said...

the eyes of an athlete can be the most riveting!!

A Cuban In London said...

'Before the home-run'.

Greetings from London.

nc said...

(aiming sharply) "this one's for you."

Meandering Michael said...

From in the stands, I watch the game
The game goes on and on
And on and on and on and on
And on and on and on.

Inning One then Inning Two
then Innings Three and Four
Inning Five and Inning Six
It all seems such a bore

I stretch at Inning Seven but
The game, it won't end there!
The bases are not loaded
(but the fans are), do I care?

I have to say that baseball
As a sport is pretty lame
I'm baffled by the interest
in America's national game


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