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Photo Prompt: Trouble

Photo Title: Discordia (Eris) © Chiara Fersini - Himitsuhana
Visit her Flickr site to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Lecce (South Italy), and is completely
self-taught in photography and photoshop.
And, she is studying English and Japanese at a university
in order to become an interpreter.

Photo used with permission from Chiara Fersini.


Poetic Artist said...

The Forbidden Fruit.
Wrapped In Gold

Lorna said...

She is too young to be at fault.
She dresses the part, therefore she is not it.
She spent much time getting her hair to be just so in its waywardness
But she made sure to adorn it with a fetching thing.
She painted her nails blood red but her hands are clean.
She has pushed her top off her shoulder.

She offers a gold apple.
She is so young.
She doesn't know.

Lisa said...

an apple offered
she lies
with poison
in her heart

James Parker said...


Many would be tempted by,
The fruit this young thing has to offer.
Not me. My set of false teeth,
Are at home in a glass of water.

Steve Costello said...

"Don't worry, it is only an apple."

readingsully2 said...

Wow, is this not the perfect depiction of Eve....and little bit of evil.

Okay here goes:

Come take my apple
and I will introduce you
to Mister Serpent.

I love haikus....

Manuela said...

you say you want to know me
you want to know my pain
my joy my heat my night
you say i am heartless
angry that i refuse you
that i don't lay myself open
a soft mat for your boots
here, have a bite, though
i know you can't carry
the knowledge of your weight
in my heart my woman world
and you'll end up stomping
all your mud off on me
for letting you try

glorv1 said...

Well at least she peeled the apple. Good girl!

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Oh girls just want to have fun....Cindy Lauper

WHY? said...

I'm reminded of how women are always blamed for being the seductress and men the poor victims. "Look how she dresses." Or "She wanted sex even if she said no." I think this kind of thinking will never go away.

By the way, best wishes on your move. I know how stressful it is! I did it a couple of years ago, to take care of a good friend of mine who ended up dying of cancer.

A Cuban In London said...


Greetings from London.

nc said...

hi nancy,, this picture puts so much mystery.

the presence of the color gold in the apple,, and black in the clothes of the girl is a contrast to life already.
could it be sin in the hand of an angel....or salvation held by lucifer..

Meandering Michael said...

"Golden Delicious" was hardly capricious
(a carefully thought-out brand)
Hardly pernicious, you'll find they're nutritious
and juicy (though some find them bland)
The name is ambitious (the gold is fictitious
except for the price they command)
The name was judicious and sales are propitious -
But that's what the marketers planned


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