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Image Prompt: The Shepherd

Art Title: The Shepherd © Ramesh Jhawar
Visit his blog to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Erode, India, and specializes in painting in
various mediums.

Artwork used with permission from Ramesh Jhawar.


Shawna said...

I have the best memory to write that would fit so beautifully on my Study Abroad blog, but I have papers to write! Nooo. Hopefully I can come back to this picture a little later tomorrow and convey the emotions I encountered on a deserted country road in Turkey...

Poetic Artist said...

The Shepherd always waits for us who have lost our way.

A Cuban In London said...

Third Track, 'Tew Ante Sew'. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. The minute I saw this image Gigi's voice singing this particular track came into my head. I love the sax in that song, too. Many thanks. That's one wonderful painting.

Greetings from London.

readingsully2 said...

He walks among sheep
A grand king in his own right-
Leading, staff in hand.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

An excellent painting

manuela said...

He walks tall and proud.
They follow his orange turban,
feeling safe in his confidence.

James Parker said...


Back when I was wealthy,
It was hard to get to sleep,
So I took a friend's advice,
And started counting sheep.

I went and spent my money,
On a sheep ranch down in Texas,
Then bought a brand new pickup truck,
And gave away my Lexus.

Now Mary had a little lamb,
That followed her to school,
I've got a thousand on my butt,
And a warehouse full of wool.

Lorna said...

.... but I would not like to be a sheep......


dominique eichi said...

MY sheep hear MY voice they follow me.

WHY? said...

I don't want to be sheep, either. I don't like to conform to the herd, and prefer to follow my own way. Following can be very dangerous.

Abhishek said...

After a long, dusty day,
I've got nothing much to say.
Except take me back home,
And let no more to roam.

The Shepherd stands tall,
He, makes way for us all.
Leads far from harm,
And keeps us not to warm.

The heat may be strong,
And the road winds long.
Yet We will follow on,
And never long gone.

My, what do we do,
To get our selves through.
Nothing, nothing, but follow,
Follow the shepherd till tomorrow.

Meandering Michael said...

I once was a Bollywood name
The people all flocked to my fame
So I made a big leap
Now I'm tending to sheep
I'm still followed: but get more acclaim

KC said...


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