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Photo Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Child

Photo: © Katie Sokoler Color Me Katie
Visit her website to see additional photos. And, her blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Brooklyn, New York, and specializes in
photography and street art.
Creative / Writing Prompt Idea
What does your inner child look like right this minute?
Be specific with details.
Let your inner child do the writing for you.
Photo used with permission from Katie Sokoler.


WHY? said...

My inner child is a twelve year old girl with pimples on her face who is embarassed of her growing breasts, and who is still trying to gain her father's acceptance.


Raven braids lay against my shoulder blades.
Rosy cheeks and berry stained lips.
Cold tip of my nose.
Breeze on my face.
Sun baking on my back.
Back of my knees blackened to match.
Worn soft tee, nearly see through.
Bikini bottoms barely hanging on.
Side ties waving by the wind.
White sea foam the is reaching up to cover my buried toes.
Sand crabs kicking up bubbles on the surface shore.

Shaun said...

My inner child is insecure about job prospects due to to the financial crisis... like being on a playground and wondering if anyone wants to play with you...

Moses said...

Ahhhh...finally someone who posts nice photography. It is poetry in itself! Very nice postings.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

The haunting from our shadow becomes even more remorseful as we age. Great photo!

James Parker said...


Tomorrow is my birthday,
I don't think I'll have a party,
Cause I'm simply not that thrilled,
To turn that "dreaded" forty.

Some days I feel much older,
Times I swear I'm sixty-nine,
It's the pressures of this world,
That keep messing up my mind.

How I wish that I was younger,
To be singing happy tunes,
Smiles and laughter, cake and friends,
Fun and games and bright balloons.

There should be some way possible,
To keep the child inside alive,
Until we're somewhat older,
Say ninety or ninety-five.

Linda S. Socha said...

Today, thanks to this wonderful post, I remembered to hug my inner kids ...all of them...and to remind them I am glad they are there

readingsully2 said...

The years say older
but my spirit and mind say
my child's heart exists.

dominique eichi said...

she keeps looking at the world with hope and wonder and knows her daddy loves her

Poetic Artist said...

If I had just one more ballon.
I do think I could float to the moon.
When I got there I would reach for the stars and throw one to you.

foobella said...

Why can't I speak?
Why do I hide?
Why can't I let out
what's on the inside?

Why do I scramble?
Why do I run?
Why don't I stand up
for the things I have done?

Why do I cry?
Why do I hate?
Why don't I tell you
before it's too late?

Why didn't I care?
Why didn't I try?
Why didn't you show me
how to makes my dreams fly?

glorv1 said...

That is such a great photo. The way her legs go up the wall as she is walking and those legs turn in to the child that she was or wishes she still was. That's a great shot. Thx for sharing.

nc said...

(^_^) picture of the day.

My inner child right NOW is a little child longing to run freely along the beach..chased by my lovely parents. im spoiled!

A Cuban In London said...

'Excuse me, excuse me, would you like a balloon?'

Greetings from London.

Glynis said...

Little shadow on the wall,
I remember you when you were two foot tall,
when the balloons would lift you in the air,
and of the world you had no care.

Meandering Michael said...

My inner kid has got no time for blogs or poems today
My inner child has gone outside because he loves to play.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I was 5 years old,,,
Sometimes I still am.
mommy was sick,,,
now she's gone.
I still hear the little one crying.
She lives inside me
it's a secret,,
please don't tell.
Today I am not 5 on the outside, but on the inside I am,
I still hear her crying.
Today I am 5.
I don't know about tomorrow.


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