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Image Prompt: Sprout

Illustration Title:Sprout © Ella Elviana - The Enigma
Visit her blog site to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Indonesia, and specializes in
children's book illustration.

Artwork used with permission from Ella Elviana.


Meandering Michael said...

Ivy liked to grow things.
She had a green, green thumb.
Although she had a talent,
She was also very dumb.
For one thing, when she's planting
She will not shield her hands
Which shouldn't be a problem
But she plants rhus radicans.

Rinkly Rimes said...

A folk-tale involving the sprouting of new life.

readingsully2 said...


The child waited and
watched and watered and hoped for
a green miracle.

Pat Jenkins said...

my loving care will "see" it grow.... if only others took such stock in human lives as this girl is with the plant.....

WHY? said...

Such a sweet image of the little girl. It depicts, to me, the need to nurture that most women feel deep down in their psyche. And, what better practice than to start with a plant. To nourish it with water and sunlight. To watch it grow and bloom from your loving care.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

So tenderly,
I took the envelope out of my jean pocket.
As I looked inside,
I noticed only one seed remained.
The little seed from my mama's plant, was all that I had left to remember her.
I carefully slipped the little seed into the soil and spoke these words.
Mama, please grow, this is all I have left of you. Please grow.

James Parker said...


I took a little seed,
And put it in the ground,
When I woke next morning,
Just look what I had found

I know it's just a little sprout,
A small, green, growing thing,
But I'll give it food and water,
It should be big by Spring.

I think it's an avocado,
With it's fruit a greenish jade,
Soon it will be big and tall..
I'll rest beneath its shade.

And when its limbs are laden,
I'll pick em and add spices,
For a plate of guacamole.


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