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Photo Prompt: Baby Makes Three

Photo Title: Baby Makes Three © Grace Weston
Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Portland, Oregon, and specializes in
staged narrative photography with a psychological twist.

Photo used with permission from Grace Weston.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Was it long ago, or yesterday?
I remember her face
I kissed her cheeks
and rocked her in my arms
My hands clapsed her tight
and told her secrets
I wonder where she's gone
I remember her
Was it long ago or yesterday?

Meandering Michael said...

"Thank God there's only one," she said, "I couldn't do it plural!"
It's no surprise that, for the birth, she got an epidural.

Steve Costello said...

"Please honey, don't start crying, or you will blow us away like a hurricane."

Pat Jenkins said...

if only they kept that "wild eyed excitement" for mom and dad when they are teens!!!

readingsully2 said...


A new baby comes
and lives change instantly your
world orbits theirs.

Lorna said...

The child rules and pulls all the strings. :-)

James Parker said...


It's seldom that you'll find,
A baby big as me.
The doctors all are baffled,
A hormonal mystery?

Weighing in at half a ton,
Getting bigger every day,
I really need to stop the growth,
But when, I just can't say.

The blocks you see before me,
Were once a mighty forest,
And my parents stand atop one,
Papa Bill and Mama Doris.

I know my folks do love me,
Though my size is mighty strange,
But they seem to disappear,
When it's time for diaper change.

readingsully2 said...

Should you care to accept it, there is a fun type award at my blog.:) I did not know how to reach you. Sorry I had to post here. :)

nc said...

Baby : Hello mama..papa..

WHY? said...

What a great photograph! I know from what my friends have told me in the past, that once you have a baby your life ceases to exist and your baby is now the center of the universe. What's doubly true is that many people grow up to think that they are still the center of the universe!

I just read James Parker's poem and can't stop laughing from the last line!


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