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Image Prompt: All Creatures, Great and Small...

Art: © Chad Wallace
Visit his website to see additional artwork. And, his blog HERE.
The artist lives in Westchester, New York, and specializes in
children's book illustration, animals and nature drawing/painting.

Artwork used with permission from Chad Wallace.



Many small children refer to my husband as..."Crazy-Jon-Jon-Panda".
They send him Panda gifts throughout the year.
He does look somewhere between The Laughing Buddha and Kung-Fu Panda.

Just a little wilder than this one.;P

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

All creature great and small,
A Panda, is what I was born to be.
My days are filled with munching leaves.
This is where I want to be, where my world is quiet and free.


Pat Jenkins said...

for God so loved the world... there is NOTHING as precious as life!!!..

James Parker said...


Don't let my size deceive you,
I'm as gentle as can be,
I roll around and play all day,
And wouldn't hurt a flea.

I make my home in China,
It's really pretty here,
But there's just so many people,
I'm endangered now, I fear.

I'll try not to think about it,
I'll just chew my bamboo sprout,
And hope for brighter days,
And that nature will win out.

Judy Mackey said...

I just made a small mention of your blog on mine.

WHY? said...

Ping-Ping spends her days munching on yummy bamboo stalks. She spends the rest of her day playing hide and seek, and rolling in the grass. Her favorite toy is the large rubber tire hanging from the tree branch in the middle of her cage. Her mother doesn't visit Ping-Ping anymore because she died last year. But, Ping-Ping still waits for her every day, and remembers how they used to play together on the soft grass. And, how they would sit together munching on sweet bamboo leaves while the strangers beyond the steel bars ooh'd and ah'd at them.

Ping-Ping lies back on the wet grass and dreams the day away...

Meandering Michael said...

Panda Bear, Panda Bear
Big and fat
They hunted you down
Made you into a hat

Crocodile, Crocodile
Toothy and svelte
They hunted you down
Made you into a belt

Tiger cat, Tiger cat
Stripes are your curse
They hunted you down
Made you into a purse


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