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Photo Prompt: A Private Hell

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The photographer lives in Chicago, Illinois, and specializes in
black and white fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Bill Vaccaro.


WHY? said...

My private hell is when I sleep. Or, when, I try to sleep.

What are these memories that keep me awake? They are like puzzles, but the pieces do not fit, and the edges are not clear. They haunt me every night, and no one is there beside me to turn to.

I wish I could stay awake and never close my eyes again!

Anonymous said...

Hell is doing things without giving thought to consequences!!!

readingsully2 said...


My private hell is
in selecting men who will
fit with me like spoons.

Meandering Michael said...

Leonard was a pious man
and quick to lend a helping hand
To anyone who needed it
For that's the Christian way

He got old and died one day
Was brought to stand at Heaven's Gates
St. Peter found him on the list
But Leonard told him, "Nay.

"I don't want your elite crowd
Lounging on some glowing cloud
While others suffer down below
Burning night and day

"I would rather go to Hell
Amongst that fiery brimstone smell
Where everyone is welcome
Not just Heaven's nonpareil."

So down he went, now "Heaven sent"
Forever to feel Hell's torment
Where people scream and burn and wail
Alone in Hell's Soiree

And there he lives quite comf'ter'bly
Though he's as busy as a bee
Helping others as they need
For that's the Christian way

Pat Jenkins said...

nobody knows what's going on inside of me can be repeated by many!!!!

James Parker said...

Thumbs up, Michael...nice words.


A young boy asked his father,
With a frown upon his face,
"I've heard folks talk of Hell...
Is there really such a place?"

"That's quite a touchy story,
One that's rather hard to tell,
But, yes son, you could probably say,
There's such a place as Hell.

You see, son, people make their own Hell,
By the things they do and say,
By quarreling and fighting,
And not living a righteous way.

By worrying and fretting,
And cheating...making schemes,
By forgetting they're God's children,
And giving up their dreams.

It may be hard to understand,
Because you're only seven,
But don't be bad, and dwell on Hell
Be good and reach for Heaven

Giannis Drakos said...

Hell is round the corner where I shelter.

Heat from the sun somedays slowly passes,
But until then, you have to live with yourself...

('Hell is round the corner',Tricky)


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