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Image Prompt: Pondering in the Pond

Art Title: Pondering in the Pond © Kyra Crouzat
Visit her site to see additional artwork.
Kyra lives on her sailboat in Victoria, British Columbia, and
specializes in mixed media.

Artwork used with permission from Kyra Crouzat.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I've gone underwater too!

WHY? said...

What a carefree life a goldfish leads. Nothing to do all day and night but to swim in circles and wait to be fed. No troubles, but no joys either. How glad I am to lead a dangerous life with endless possibilities!!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I lost my way
what am I gonna do?
I just happened to glance away
and then I was all alone.
It's such a big sea, ya know
please help me find my way.
Please come back to me.
Please help me find my way
don't leave me all alone.

Pat Jenkins said...

i'm lost!!... p.s. i wonder if a fish ever has got lost in the water.. he he...

Meandering Michael said...

They say I have a memory of
Only thirty seconds.
Only thirty seconds!
That's how long I recall things.

They say I have a memory of -
Look! The fish food beckons!
I wish that they'd serve seconds.
Now where was I...

I wish that they'd serve seconds
Lots of seconds
Thirty seconds
Have they ever served me seconds?
I cannot recall these things.

Poetic Artist said...

I do wonder if the world outside my world is blue.
I do wonder if they swim in circles and always looking for the answer.
I do wonder if they think gold is the most important color in their life.
I do wonder!

readingsully2 said...


The little goldfish
swam around and around in
glass enclosed clear pond.

James Parker said...


I feel sorry for those Betas,
In their little bitty bowl,
I have a great big pool..
A Koi Pond, so I'm told.

What I did to have this space,
I haven't got a clue.
I can swim and splash all day,
And the water's even blue.

So I have to count my blessings,
And give thanks whenever I can,
And be glad I'm not the catfish,
That's in that frying pan.


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