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Photo Prompt: Those Long Summer Days

Photo © Rebecca Pendel Photography
Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Farrell, Pennsylvania, and specializes in
toy camera portrait photography.

Photo used with permission from Rebecca Pendel.


Lorna said...

I remember one long summer day, looking out the kitchen window, seeing the stillness outside in the back yard.

It was something like time standing still, so still that I could see the future and see myself remembering this one long still summer day.

And I was right.


readingsully2 said...


The boy wiggles his
toes like fishing worms dangling
from a hook in water.

WHY? said...

Those long summer days riding bikes to the beach, wearing nothing but barely there bikinis, flip flops, and baby oil. We strolled the beach checking out the boys and jumping into the blue sea, riding the waves onto the shore. How I long for those long summer days!!

Meandering Michael said...

In the long days of summer
He pauses to wonder
A deep, philosophical thought
A deep, philosophical thought
About whether he should
- or should not

He stands in the water
And ponders his options, but
Inside he's starting to ache
His insides are starting to ache
Should he pee in the loo
- or the lake?

James Parker said...


It's just the start of summertime,
And I'm already bored,
It hasn't rained for months,
And the temperatures have soared.

The river by the house,
Has practically stopped flowing,
And the grass is turning yellow,
With lots of brown spots showing.

The water where I'm standing,
Is not the least bit cold,
I know you won't believe it,
But this was once our swimmin hole

If we don't get some moisture,
To wet and cool our day,
Then I will simply turn to dust...
Dry up, and blow away.


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