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Photo Prompt: In the Garden

Visit her website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Farrell, Pennsylvania, and specializes in
toy camera portrait photography.

Photo used with permission from Rebecca Pendel.


Meandering Michael said...

Flower girl, flower girl, where do you hide?
You missed the procession and upset the bride.

Flower girl, flower girl, where have you gone?
The wedding has started. The ring has been drawn.

Flower girl, flower girl, where are you now?
The bride and the groom have both spoken a vow.

Flower girl, flower girl, you have been missed.
The couple is married; the bride has been kissed.

Flower girl, flower girl, off on your own.
While you were sulking, the white rice was thrown.

Flower girl, flower girl, you've been gone so long,
By now the new couple is getting it on.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I hope I captured the emotion.

Pat Jenkins said...

emptyness is overwhelming!!!

Poetic Artist said...

I think when I grow old I shall wear lavender in my hair.
And remember the day when I was young and sat in garden of lavender and green.

James Parker said...


In the garden by the road,
A young girl meditates,
Her tender mind unclouded,
By anger, bile or hate.

She sees the world in beauty,
Love, honesty and truth.
If only she cold hold on,
To the innocence of youth

WHY? said...

In the garden she hides from her father's gaze, and longs for the day when she can run free.

Her mother only ignores her and looks away.

She would sit in the garden all day if she could. The birds and the butterflies are her only friends. Oh, if only she could have their wings. Wings to carry her far, far away.

readingsully2 said...


She dreams of dresses,
white knights on black steeds,castles
and romantic nights.

RachelW said...

Better late than never! :)


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