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Image Prompt: At The Shore

Art © John Wright Art
Visit his blog site for additional artwork.
The artist lives in Nottingham, United Kingdom, and specializes
in landscapes and seascapes in pastels, acrylics and watercolour.

Artwork used with permission from John Wright.


WHY? said...

In August, we used to drive to the shore each weekend. My father demanded it of us. Summer was the only time that our family could get together. It is a tradition we've followed since my brother was three. He was always sick as a child, and his favorite place was at the shore. And, even when he was a healthy twelve year old, my father saw the beach as a place of miracles. A place that our family could renew our love for each other. To talk, laugh, and tell our stories to each other.

Life is too short, he used to say. You just never know.

Pat Jenkins said...

people watching ain't a half bad "sport" at the beach..... he he....

James Parker said...


Sitting on the beach,
My friends right by my side,
Watching the waves roll up,
Fed by the incoming tide.

The sun and sea breeze bathe my face,
Salty magic fills the air,
My troubles all evaporate,
And I haven't got a care.

I freeze these precious moments,
Of my sojourn by these shores,
Their memories help to soothe me,
When I resume my daily chores.

What magic charm or potion,
Exists within the sea,
To change our inner attitudes,
And set our spirit free?

Meandering Michael said...

Down by the bay
Where the backs and bellies burn
I fear the sun
With just concern
For if I don't
My mother will say...

Wear a hat and pol'rized shades and sunscreen protection aides

Down by the bay

Down by the bay
Where the swimmers turn red
I wear a hat
Upon my head
For if I don't
My mother will say...

UV will give you melanoma and can give your eyes glaucoma

Down by the bay

Anonymous said...

Life's a beach! What else is there?


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