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Photo Prompt: Her Destiny

Photo © Frank Rodriguez Chicago Photographer
Visit his blog to see additional photos. And,his photo site HERE.
The photographer lives in Chicago, Illinois, and has been passionate
about photographing people for the past twenty years.

Photo used with permission from Frank Rodriguez.


Anonymous said...

In the mirror she sees her reflection, a smile to warm your heart. Eyes, the color of golden brown. She dresses in ribbons and bows, and her imaginary friends make her giggle. This is her destiny, created one thought at a time.

Meandering Michael said...

Magic mirror in my hand,
who's the fairest in the land?

Not you, dear. Some think you're sweet,
But I know you're full of conceit.

Magic mirror look and see,
what is to become of me?

Six times you'll be a divorcee
Unless your selfish love gives way

Poetic Artist said...

I see you but most of all I see ME!

Glynis said...

Her future shows its face,
tutu skirt and twinkle lace,
summer days and blue skies,
a palace is where her destiny lies.
As woman, she will find her way,
but my child, today just play.

Pat Jenkins said...

optimisim always makes things look bigger!!!... it is too bad i am not optimistic more often!!!

James Parker said...


Looking in the mirror,
The strangest things I see,
Like that silly little girl,
Staring right straight back at me.

Every day she's in there,
But never quite the same,
She really looks familiar,
I wish I knew her name.

Yesterday she frowned,
Looking rather sad,
And the day before, she's smiling,
All cheerful...happy..glad.

You know, yesterday was rainy,
And I was feeling kinda gloomy,
But the day before was great,
I'd got a present from my Mommy.

I really like that little girl,
She's my special, secret friend,
And I often have to wonder,
If she and I are kin.

Giannis Drakos said...

Excellent picture,excellent choice of an artist to highlight,as always dear Nancy.

I can't really decide what is the punctum in this one,because everything at the picture has a life of its own.


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