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Image Prompt: Never Forget

Art © Ronald J. Llanos
Visit his website to see additional artwork. And, his blog HERE.
The artist lives in Los Angeles, California, and specializes in drawing
urban scenes and really enjoys drawing women.

Artwork used with permission from Ronald J. Llanos.


Poetic Artist said...

We always know they are here in spirit. We can feel the touch and know that love is still alive.

James Parker said...


You were there, Dear, when I was lonely,
And there in times of joy,
You stayed with me, your hand in mine,
When along came our little boy.

You were there, Daddy, the day that I was born,
And there when I sprouted my first tooth,
You taught me right from wrong,
And how to tell the truth.

We loved you, oh so dearly,
You gave us faith and strength,
For all our hopes and needs,
You'd provide at any length.

We can see why God would want you,
In His kingdom up above,
Cos you were every bit the standard,
Of the qualities of Love.

And it breaks our heart to face the fact,
That you're no longer here,
But something stirs inside us,
And tells us you're still near.

Manuela said...

never forget
be haunted

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I am a war bride
Now widowed
Now widowed
I am your war bride
And bore you a son

Although you're not with us
Not with us
Not with us
He has your smile
And it shines like the sun

You son never met you
You passed on
You passed on
But your son will know
All the good that you've done

WHY? said...

We vowed to love each other "till death do us part." But my love for you is one I'll never forget. How could I? For you are everywhere. Every morning I wake up and reach for you, and before I go to sleep, I whisper your name. This little boy we created from our bond and deepest love. You are in his blood, and in our spirit.

We will never forget you. Never.

Pat Jenkins said...

a mate and a parent's love can last eternity. i hope i am instilling that kind of love with those close to me!!!


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