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Photo Prompt: As I Walk

Visit her website to see additional photos. And, her blog HERE.
The photographer lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and specializes
in fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Gloria Baker Feinstein.



We have a similar photo of my Uncle being escorted my his ten year old daughter on an Oregon beach, months before he succumbed to his cancer.

Walking out to the horizon of watery and fog. This image speaks volumes in subtle tones.

Sean said...

This is for me near perfect for an image. Solitude, the dark shadow, the light and sparse surroundings, a distant figure... it feels cold and lonely..... fantastic!

martine frampton said...

He is going now
the decision is made
no turning back

Although he cannot know
everything that awaits
he still goes

I watch and know
that I must trust him
and let go

So he goes
and I watch
as I will for each of them in turn

(for my son, leaving home this weekend)

Abhishek said...

Alone now on this day,
I keep my mind out of it's cage.
And as I go along on my way,
I look for things to keep my rage.

In the bad, hard times,
I see no where for me to run.
I see just this place of rhymes,
That keeps me far and alone.

For me to talk to you now,
You would just hear me scream.
But in my mind I feel now,
Slowly and slowly goes the steam.

As I walk now on this beach,
The calming waves take hold.
I feel like now is the time to reach,
To see and know what I was told.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi, this is what inspired me this morning from the photo-

Thoughts, deep as wells
Can haunt you
Leave there print
On furrowed brow

As I walk
Shadows ripple
Under lonesome skies

Silver lining
Casts an iridescent glow
As I walk
Hope widens
Across playful shores

Pat Jenkins said...

there are times when we need to be alone!!!

James Parker said...


I walk along this shore each day,
On the fringe of eternal sea,
A captive of my thoughts and dreams,
Raw emotion swirls within me.

Unseen visions of a wondrous world,
That lies beyond the horizon,
Fill my mind and feed my soul,
Vibrant images, mesmerizing.

How many souls have walked these sands,
In ages long ago,
And cast their thoughts and feelings,
On the ocean's timeless flow?

And in that ebb and flow,
The ocean holds the key,
To reflect man's aspirations,
And his quest for immortality.

Michael said...

I go to sea to think and pray
The waves wash all my cares away
Today my cares are awful grave
I'm hoping for a tidal wave

WHY? said...

This loneliness consumes me, and with each step I take I realize how alone I really am.

Yes, another heartbeat can fill this void for an hour, a day, or a year. But, I am still alone.

I was born alone, and will die alone. Nothing can ever change that. I wish I had faith. The kind of faith that many religious and spiritual people are fortunate to have. But, I don't. Not truly. And, I can't fake it.

So, I head to the beach to clear my head. Let the sun and the surf fill me with hope. The sound of the waves hitting the shore, and the the smell of the salty ocean make me forget my loneliness. Even if only for a moment. I am grateful for that.

P.S. I felt the need to say how beautiful and touching some of the comments are that are posted here. I think this amazing photograph should take some credit for that. I've been following your blog for awhile now, and I keep coming back for more. Thank you for doing what you do!

nc said...

" i walk, i live."

* hi nancy,, luv the photo so much. there's something deep in it..which could be related to evrybody's life...hmm.

have a great day :)

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Yesterday we shuffled in the sand together just you and I.
We had no vision of tomorrow.
Yesterday our footsteps cressed the shore leaving traces of you and I.
Today, I returned to the sea, our tracks are gone.
Today there is no trace of yesterday.

Marian Trasca said...

great job

Sarah-Paige said...

...underneath billowy clouds i walk
above the weeping sand i walk
between the glass and the reflection
i walk mindless of the path

rubber boots disguise my awkward steps
while refracted gulls criss cross
our strolling shadows
and hills rise up on the left

oblivious of the singular
nature passes by in acid rain
the droplets sinking beneath
her salted skin...


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