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Image Prompt: Celebrate The Day

Visit her website to see additional artwork. And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in the Austin, Texas area, and specializes in
oil portraiture.

Artwork used with permission from Connie Schaertl.


James Parker said...


I've got my shades and six-string,
My hair is nice and long,
I've had a little smoke,
Now it's time to sing my song.

"Oh, Celebrate the Day",
(The words come out so clear)
"Be Glad You're Living Now",
(This message is so dear)

"Rejoice...Make Love...Be Happy",
(These words really turn me on)
"Embrace Your Fellow Man",
(While singing, the blues are gone)

I really love my music,
But I tell ya it's rather hard,
Cos just yesterday I got this guitar,
And I haven't learned a chord.

Meandering Michael said...

The Celebration Blues

T'was after the morning
The heat of the day
When my baby left me
And went far away

Now I should be mourning
Wipe my tears away
But I am so happy
Want to ce-le-brate to-day!

'Cause she left me
By now you've heard the news
Yeah she left me
Got the Ce-le-brate-ing Blues!

She treated me so bad
Made me hold her purse
Watched comedic romance
I'd rather be cursed

Whenever we argued
She could never be wrong
She'd tell me to shut-up
When I tried to play a song

Now she's left me
And how could I refuse?
Yeah she left me
With the Celebrating Blues!

I was unhappy
And scared of her, too
'Cause when she got angry
I'd get black and blue

She never got tired
Of putting me down
Took all of my money
And then spent it on the town

Now she's left me
For another she'll abuse
Yeah she's left me
With the Celebrating Blues!

Anonymous said...

Celebrate this day, sing as though this is your last song. Sing with all your might to the heavens above because this day you are alive. This day is all you have, and is all you might ever have.

Sing for life. Sing because you can!

Pat Jenkins said...

jukebox hero, he's got stars in his eyes, staars in his eyes!!.... we miss you lou....

frogpoet said...

you slide
in shaded thoughts
your eyes
in clouds reclining

once i thought of willows
though ive never met them
willows billowing
the laurel leaves
until believing

there is one behind you
reaching cloudy finger
cloudy leg
she cannot breach the gold
that from you softly
in rivulets

some think that we are
providing shade for one another.
the wind will flute
between us
as you pluck and breathe

the shoot will grow.
the clouds
sing with me,
"not yet."


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