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Image Prompt: Give Me The Truth (Even If It Hurts)

(Illustration from "The Emperor's New Clothes")
Visit her website to see additional artwork.
The artist is from Iceland, but currently lives in San Francisco,
California, and specializes in children´s book illustrations
in pencils, ink, watercolors, oils and acrylics.
Writing Prompt Idea
Write about truth.
It could be a poem, a short story, a letter,
an experience (good or bad), etc.
Write in response to THIS
Artwork used with permission from Linda Olafsdottir.


dominique eichi said...

Do we want it ? No, not really
We want what makes us feel good
We want the band-aid and not be told we need heart surgery.
It hurts, yes it does but when it's done the pain is gone. Freedom comes
The question is Do we believe it's true !
Let's us be strong and of good courage .
The truth shall set us free.

WHY? said...

Truth IS love!

James Parker said...


"The wonders of modern science!"
What will they think of next?
These marvelous clothes I'm wearing,
Of a new fiber called INVISITEX

They're really very comfortable,
And quite a thrill to wear,
They seem to fit me perfectly,
Made with the utmost care.

At first I had a problem,
For these threads I could not see,
But they're "noble, grand and royal"
Was my tailor's guarantee.

So as I pass my subjects,
I see wonder on their faces
These clothes should serve to show I'm King,
And keep them in their places.

Meandering Michael said...

The Emperor wore his new clothes; the people stared in shock
At the light, transparent fabric that comprised the ruler's frock
A child makes a comment and a fashion critic scoffs
That "soon we'll see the people wearing cheap designer knock-offs."

Glynis said...

They call it at one with nature darling, shut your eyes.

Pat Jenkins said...

guess when we are "stripped" we all become equal!!....


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