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Photo Prompt: Storm Clouds Ahead

Photo Title: Civilization © Mitch Dobrowner
Visit his website to see additional photos.
The photographer lives in Studio City, California, and specializes
in fine art black and white photography.

Photo used with permission from Mitch Dobrowner.


Gordon Mason said...

Thanks for this prompt ..... here's my poem --

Michelle said...

Summer Storm

The storm clouds came rolling in
awakening me from the daze I had been
with a loud thunderous clap
on the roof, the rains did tap
then the winds started to shift
and the clouds began to drift
the sun shone and the sky cried no more
so I went out the door!

Meandering Michael said...

In Argentina

In Argentina
There are crap shacks
Outhouses in every field
Pastoral privies across the nation
With paper for wiping
And privacy doors
To shield the shy
From grazing cattle
And majestic mountain views

In Argentina
The nation owes a debt of gratitude
To one man
One trespassing man
Who took a dump
In a rancher's field
Without a way to wipe

Without a way to wipe
In a rancher's field
In Argentina
The man used a rock
Cut his sphincter
And sued the rancher
For failing to provide a place to go
Causing intense pain and suffering
Through his negligence

In Argentina
The wiper won his suit

In Argentina
Outhouses sprang up across the nation

In Argentina
You will see
A country of abundant fresh-air latrines
Gracing the grazing lands of disinterested cattle
Where ranchers ensure the paper is stocked
And the shack seats are sanded
Lest a trespasser
Should get a splinter
And cut his sphincter
In a field
In Argentina

James Parker said...


A sense of deep foreboding,
Permeates the air,
Clouds gather in the distance,
And darker days draw near.

Will the tempest grow in power,
And engulf us in its wrath?
Or pass us by, unscathed,
To take a different path?

The storm cloud in the photo,
Serves to be an analogy,
To the future of mankind,
And just what may come to be.

We've given up our values,
Trashed our graceful Earth,
Turned our face from God,
Cherish things of little worth.

It's wise to watch the signs,
To listen and take heed,
To brave the times ahead,
It's His guidance that we'll need.

Pat Jenkins said...

low clouds always bring the idea of confinment. clear skies open up everything to view!!.... the bad does box us in, while the good provides an openness and freedom... let us hope we all can share in the good!!

Tiffany Teske said...

This image takes my breathe away!


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