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Image Prompt: One More Hug Before I Go

Art: © Judy Mackey
Visit her website to see additional artwork.
And, her blog HERE.
The artist lives in Southlake, Texas, and specializes in impressionistic
landscapes, floral, figurative oil paintings.

Artwork used with permission from Judy Mackey.


James Parker said...


You can have a million dollars,
Drive a brand new, fancy car,
Vacation down in Rio,
And own Art from near and far.

You can have steaks on the grill,
Around your swimming pool,
Read the latest books,
And attend the finest school.

But there's times when things are broken,
And inside you're feeling hollow,
Here's a simple word of guidance,
That might be wise to follow.

When the "down" times hit you hard,
Don't turn to booze or drug,
Look for what you really need:
A special, caring HUG!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

The words that Mr James Parker wrote were so beautiful!

Pat Jenkins said...

keep your hands where i can see 'em!!!

WHY? said...

Give me a hug before you go, my darling. The day is long, and who knows if we'll ever see each other again. Drive to work carefully, my sweetheart. The roads are treacherous, and others do not care.

Come home to me, my love. Come back to me, my dear.

Poetic Artist said...

For we take for granted the simple things. Hugs are one of them, they take little effort. You just walk up and reach out and pull someone close. Ahh it is amazing what a simple hug can do.

Meandering Michael said...

James, you really got this one.

One more hug before I go
I wonder
Will you wait for me?

One long kiss before I leave
I wonder
Will I wait for you?

Life's current carries us away
Now pulling us apart
I wonder
Will you wait for me?
I wonder
Will you wait for me?
I wonder
Will I wait for you?

Then we let go
And I depart

Judy Mackey said...

James - I love the poem!! A hug can mean so much! Michael, I loved yours to - so poignant! Why - absolutely true - come back to me was the thought I had when I painted this and Poetic Artist - you're so right - it's magic when you reach out and pull someone close. Thank you all for you comments!


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