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Image Prompt: Hold On

Arwork © Irina Sidorowicz -
Visit her site to see additional artwork and photography.
The artist lives in Buenos Aires, and studies Graphic Design
and Visual Communication.

Artwork used with permission from Irina Sidorowicz.


Sarah-Paige said...

shadows in her hair
scream, boy beware,
reflection in a red balloon
birth at high noon
and the flags lowered
for souls never flowered

cat green eyes are blue
filled with a sadness for you
layed out, unhidden,
a livving sin
and corner store romance
taking its last chance

administration traineeship said...

Her art leave me mesmerizing. It’s like I can remember my childhood experience about a balloon. It’s a very beautiful piece.

Furniture removalists said...

It’s a very impressive work of art. I love the emotion on the face of the little girl.

cornel said...

lovely portrait ! i LIKE IT !

Pat Jenkins said...

oh the power of a "look"!!

James Parker said...


It's a sad world,
When there's no one,
You can cling to,
When the day is done.

To give you shelter,
In the pouring rain,
Or to reach out and touch,
The source of your pain.

To give you warmth,
When the world grows cold,
To share with memories,
As you're growing old.

I'm one of the lonely people,
I have no claim to fame,
Except the song they wrote of me,
Eleanor Rigby is my name.

Meandering Michael said...

Here we cling to what we have
Here we cling to what we know
It's given cause for me to ask
Weren't we all just letting go?


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