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Photo Prompt: To Be Like Superman

Photo © Susana Raab
Visit her website to see additional photos. And, her blog HERE
The photographer lives in Washington, DC, and specializes
in documentary and editorial photography

Photo used with permission from Susana Raab.


James Parker said...


I leap tall trees and buildings,
In just one single bound,
And I can fly much faster,
Than a bullet, or even sound.

I've got more super power,
Than a locomotive train,
And a secret girl admirer...
Reporter Lois Lane.

Clark Kent is my identity,
When I'm not the Man of Steel,
I just change clothes and glasses,
It's really no big deal.

Today I had a problem,
If ya wanna know the truth,
I looked around most everywhere,
And couldn't find a phone booth.

So I stepped inside this Johnny,
And did the switcheroo,
I solved a small emergency,
And simply just made doo.

Meandering Michael said...



maglomaniac said...

It for sure must have been that Kryptonite burger:)


WHY? said...

What a great image. It looks like Superman is caught in the act, and he can't hide! Love the metaphor, though, he may have been in there changing his clothes, it's more fun to think otherwise. So, even super heroes need to take care of certain functions. Even super heroes need to come downn to earth.

It reminds me of how foolish people are to worship actors and rock stars and football players! Never place anyone on a pedestal.

WHY? said...

Ahh...I just got it!! Because of cell phones, we don't have phone booths anymore. So, poor Clark Kent has had to adapt!!

Meandering Michael said...

Or, maybe, he's just relentless in his pursuit for Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

Pat Jenkins said...

change is always good!!...he he...


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