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Image Prompt: Red Shoes

Art Title: Red Shoes © Shino Arihara Illustration
Visit her website to see additional artwork.
The artist lives in Altadena, California, and specializes
in editorial illustration.

Artwork used with permission from Shino Arihara.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Then there was one.....

WHY? said...

Good girls don't.
That's what momma used to say.
So, I play it safe by day.
I wear my hair in a bun,
and my skirt below my knees.
But, when I get home,
I put on my red shoes.

Good girls don't.
That's what momma used to say.

The hell with rules.
That's what I say:)

James Parker said...


I'm growing up, it's time to change,
I put away all my toys,
I've found that I'm a big girl now,
So I'm out to get some boys.

Victoria's Secret was my first stop,
To get this lingerie,
Silky black, and skimpy,
Sexy, wouldn't you say?

But the best thing that I bought,
Took me all day long to choose,
I'm putting em on right now...
These bright, red colored shoes.

Now there's just one single thing,
Keeping me from being a "Hottie",
And it could be quite a problem,
It's this oddball, frog-legged body,

Pat Jenkins said...

ah making yourself fit into that which is too small!!... my dilemma every time i try and "fit" into my clothes!!... he he...

Meandering Michael said...

There once was a girl from LA
Who wanted to go out and play
With stilettoed red shoes
And a few shots of booze
She was shocked when her legs went astray

James Parker said...

LOL, Michael....You had a prob with the legs, too. :-)


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