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Photo Prompt: Of Sea And Sky

Photo © Christian Harkness Photography
Visit his website to see additional photos. And, his blog HERE
The photographer lives in Cedar Key and Tallahassee, Florida,
and specializes in printmaking and documentary and fine art photography.

Photo used with permission from Christian Harkness.


James Parker said...


I have a friend in Tampa,
Said he had a real good deal,
At the price that he was asking,
It really was a steal.

For just a hundred dollars,
I'll sell ya this fine boat,
So I guess I should be happy,
If I could just keep it afloat.

Pat Jenkins said...

two things that offer so much discovery and mystery... the sea and space!!... great prompt nancy!!

WHY? said...

How fortunate are we to receive these gifts from the sea?

But, how long will they last?
As with all life, there is an end to everything.

Let us be wise in our taking.

Meandering Michael said...

In Florida
Where times are tough
The yacht market is sinking
The scuttlebutt on scuttling
Has got insurers thinking

In Florida
Where boats are sunk
Insurers cry and pout
The auto folks got their relief
Will yachting get a bail-out?


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