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Photo Prompt: Drifting Nowhere

Photo Title: The Drifter © Carlos and Jason Sanchez
The Sanchez Brothers
Visit their website to see additional photos.
Carlos and Jason live in Montreal, Canada, and
specialize in photography.

Photo used with permission from Carlos and Jason Sanchez.


Renee said...

Not a day goes by (are hardly) that I don't wonder how you are?

How I have missed you.

I hope you are well?

Love Renee xoxo

Sean said...

Poignant. The end of the line, the fence, the turning back...

James Parker said...


Each day's a new decision,
To choose where I might roam,
In the surreal world I live in,
As a man without a home.

It wasn't always like this,
Life was grand when I was young,
But somewhere along the way,
Things went terribly, terribly wrong.

It seemed like every setback,
Led to more and more bad news,
And I faced each day's depression,
With my loyal bottle of booze.

I used to view the homeless,
And think "What a disgrace",
Never knowing for a moment,
I'd one day be in their place.

The things that really matter,
I seldom gave much thought,
I know now what's important,
And, likewise, what is not.

And although I'm poor and homeless,
I'm ever hopeful, too,
Cos my Faith still holds together,
And will somehow see me through.

Meandering Michael said...

The mosquitoes in my backyard
We a bit too much to bear,
So I donned a long-sleeved shirt and
Then I grew out all my hair.
It didn't stop the suckers
With their long an pointy snouts
So I built a chain-link fence.
At least it keeps the big ones out!

Pat Jenkins said...

ah the drifter, and his luxury of getting away!!!

A Cuban In London said...

... and then he got run over by the ghost train. Last seen in 1888.

Greetings from London.

dolly p. said...
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